Jubilee Cottage

Our home is a great place to live as part of family, we spend a lot of time together working and socialising, it is an ideal place to practice conversational English whilst discussing world affairs and ecology, ethics etc. If you love dogs, our home is heaven, if you love the countryside, our home is perfect, if you like to keep busy our home will suit you very well. If you don't like dogs, want an urban environment and like to be lazy - don't ask us to host you. We can accommodate digital nomads and respect your privacy. We work together as a team, many of our volunteers have come for 4 or 5 weeks and stayed for 6 months or until their visas expired. Our home is ideal for those with intermediate English who want to practice and expand their knowledge and use of the language, it is not suitable for those with very little or no English.

We treat our volunteers and staff as part of a team who all work hard together to make our dogs and our home a happy, dynamic and ever improving environment. We try to take our volunteers out to interesting places when time permits and we are very happy for them to join our dog agility and dog training classes if and when they wish. We welcome open-minded, interesting people who can share insights into their culture and way of life. Our home will not suit lazy or selfish people, if you want to sit around all day doing nothing or like to leave the work to someone else this is not the place you are looking for. If you enjoy working, usually with others, on projects, designing and building things, maintaining the house and garden, cleaning and helping other members of the team, if you respect those around you and have a mature and well-rounded personality with a positive outlook and you like to be active, you will love it here. Please be aware that we don't host smokers (including vapes and e-cigarettes) and we only host volunteers who are fully and currently vaccinated against Covid 19. We are happy to host vegetarians but they must be willing to cook for everyone including those we enjoy eating meat.


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Catherine and Graham were kind to us, picking us up and taking us to the nearest town when we needed it.
What you should keep in mind if you want to come:
-The place is far from the cities and the only mobility is if the hosts can take you or walk... they do not have bicycles.
-The work is really hard for 5 hours, every day you have to clean the house inside and outside, then there are other projects like painting (we painted the entire hall, the task that interested us the most) we walked the dogs for only two days.
-Several expired meals (it is normal for them)
-too many rooms in the house

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I definitely don't recommend it. It has a lot of rules and a bad way of telling you when you don't comply with one (for example, they locked me in the bathroom when I was taking a shower twice, once on the first day I was there when the shower could be heard from all over the house), the work is very very hard. for volunteers, meals that expire (cornstarch expired 6 years ago, chocolate 2 years ago, Christmas pots from 2021), luckily not for us but a fellow volunteer was treated very badly throughout his stay and considered stupid, the place It is in the middle of nowhere Would be gold a bike

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A word for this experience is Marvelous. Such a great experience, I could learn and develop myself as a volunteer and as human. The dogs are perfect and well trained. Catherine is always sharing experiences and want to learn with us as well (Also she do marvelous pizzas and Graham great curry). I felt welcomed and in home. The hours are very flexible and you can travel around the little cities around, i could have the amazing experience going to Stonehenge I will definitely come back.

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This experience was nice, the hosts are very friendly and there is always a topic for conversation, they cook very well and are always willing to take you somewhere so you can visit or to the bus and train station, they always explain the day's activities and if you have doubts they are always willing to explain to you again, the dogs are very friendly and loving, we love the tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden, we were able to practice our English a lot, we also visited Stonehenge with Catherine for free and it was wonderful. Thank you very much for everything again, hug🤍✨

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This was a nice experience, Catherine and Graham are a really good host, always worried that you are ok, the dogs are lovely and so quite, the place is nice also, have a lot of path to walk, dinners were amaizing, Catherine's pizza is the best, and Graham cooked wonderful, the job was ok and one of the jobs is walk with dogs, is good and funny.

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