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Our Location is unique and very close to Loch Ness which is a popular destination for travellers globally. In addition we are en-route to the North Coast 500, Isle of Skye,Fort William not to mention the fabulous Western Isles. We provide great safe and very clean facilities for our helpers and take an active interest in them during the time they are with us and try to enrich their experience by either showing them around the area (business permitting and also down to the length of stay -longer stays mean more varied trips). Our business is looking after guests and we endeavour to look after our helpers in the same manner.

I was brought up in the hotel and catering business in my parents properties and then worked for all the big national /international organisations such as Hilton etc, before having my own hotel and pub and latterly my own B & B's so have spent in excess of 40 years in this business. I am a very focused direct individual and being professionally trained I conduct my business practices in the same manner as that of perhaps a larger organisation and do adopt their practice standards i.e. risk assessments to staff training and set departmental standards and everyone who joins will get training in how my operation works and instruction as to how the various tasks would be achieved. I operate the property (which is not a hostel and nor do we offer hostel facilities) myself with a seasonal self employed part time contractors. Our standards are set high and were further enhanced during the heights of Covid-19 and many of them are now incorporated into our existing standards and these must be strictly adhered to for every ones safety and well being). I make no apologies for the house keeping standards we set as it is the correct way to operate within the hospitality industry. The work is physical and comes with some pressure as it must be carried out with speed and efficiency and prospective volunteers should be aware of that and also the fact the housekeeping side is the biggest part of a volunteers daily tasks. The safety of our volunteers is a priority as is our guests and we have house rules/policies incorporating looking after your room, noise levels, health/safety/hygiene, smoking policies etc. and these will be covered in full on arrival or please ask what these are before you confirm your application. I provide excellent clean, comfortable accommodation (and we expect it to be maintained that way during your stay i.e. (changing bedding/towels once a week), respecting the contents of the room and report any breakages, spillages as soon as they occur, Anyone found to be abusing our house rules/policies, causing damage to our property will be asked to leave immediately and we will take photographs in your presence as evidence and Worldpackers will be notified accordingly with any back up information being sent to them. Basic meals (cater for vegetarians not vegans) the meals provided (with the exception of breakfast which consists of cereal, musseli, yogurt, toast, tea/coffee, milk for cereals, tea or coffee, tap water. We do not provide unlimited amounts of milk ), are lunch - soup/sandwiches, salad, savouries, quiche all of which are alternated from day to day and could also contain excess food from a previous evening. Fresh tap water is available at all times but we do not provide bottled water/soft drinks/milk (other than described) or alcoholic drinks. Dinner is based on a 'dish of the day' available for all helpers and it should be noted we do not cook for individual tastes so if you are a fussy eater think again before applying .We use pasta/rice/noodles/potatoes along with vegetables, poultry, meat, fish. Any food (snacks/fruit etc) outwith the 3 basic daily meals we provide and as described has to be sourced by volunteers themselves. We permit Dry Snacks (crisps/biscuits) in the bedroom but no wet food whatsoever i.e. pot noodle, take aways, pizza etc. We also provide unlimited services such as wi-fi/internet/once a week (Sunday/Monday) laundry wash for our volunteers and business permitting and how long a volunteer is with me will show them as much of the area I can). The hours I expect from a volunteer is between 2-4 a day over 5 days during High Season i.e. April- September and in out of season (Oct. - March) it is more like 2-3 over 4 days. I do not believe in exploiting volunteers and they enjoy plenty of free time to themselves but I am very honest and I do ask that they are flexible, completely honest, able to follow instruction/direction, use initiative, love animal and have a great sense of humour. If you are unable to tick all of those boxes Kilmichael House will not be the place for you. I will give everyone their own space as I have mine but am very happy to engage as much or as little with volunteers particularly when wanting to learn English. I am very open and happy to discuss current affairs etc. and respect the opinions of others as I expect my opinions to be respected. I also ask that any issues/misunderstandings that might arise are discussed direct with myself in order to try and resolve them.


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Kilmichael was amazing! was my first volunteering, Charlotte was awesome, She is very aware of the respect towards the volunteers, the food was always fantastic, she cooks and is fabulous, She in the days off took a stroll us, it was very funny, the work not is difficult only you need to have orden, She corrected my words or ways of saying things, thanks to that I have improved, I recommend this place if you are willing to change your way of thinking a little and adapt to this place, she has adorable pets, it is important that you like them as you deal with them, I highly recomme

28 dias atrás

CHARLOTTE respondeu

Oh thanks for your lovely comments and I am so pleased you enjoyed your short time here and you will be very welcome to come back again in the future in the summer as you say when the cows come back to graze in the fields. I hope the retreat works well for you and look forward to hearing all about it. Keep in touch - hugs from Sophie and Rags and me



It was my fist volunteering experience and it’s was great. Drumnadrochit is a magical place with many forests and hills surrounding it, perfect if you love nature and quietness. Charlotte is very experienced in dealing with volunteers and has set up a great routine. The tasks were quite easy, but ask questions, because everything has a specific way of being done. Charlotte can be a bit strict at first, but at the end of the experience she grows on you. She’s been really helpful, kind and thoughtful during very difficult moments I had after leaving Kilmichael’s, so I cannot be thankful enough.

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My stay was very nice. Meeting fellow volunteers and going hiking were particularly wonderful experiences. Thank you for this opportunity:)

2 meses atrás

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Staying with Charlotte for a month, I learned a lot about cleaning, life in Scotland, history of Scotland, and also got to know Charlotte. She was very nice to us, and provided us with 3 meals a day, a place to stay, and took us places most days off in her car. As long as you don’t mind cleaning, and like a small town or nature sort of setting I would highly recommend applying here. Charlotte also offered us a lot of helpful insight for the next bits of our trip which I’m really grateful for.

3 meses atrás



Our experience at Kilmichael House was very nice. Charlotte (the owner) was very nice with us.He taught us so many things and, in his spare time, accompanied us to discover Scotland. But not only that, in fact she also helped us improve our English, because she was always available to talk to us.The food was quite good, she tried to let us discover Scottish cuisine but she also catered to our tastes.The b & b area is very nice and well-kept, staying there was very relaxing so if you like being immersed in nature it is for you.Thank you Charlotte for giving us this chance we'll never forget it.

5 meses atrás

CHARLOTTE respondeu

Hi Amanda it was a pleasure hosting you and Andrea this last month you both carried out the daily tasks efficiently in a very efficient and professional manner. which I really appreciated.
I know your hearts are both set on getting back into the airlines and I am sure you will get back on board.
Your understanding of English is superb and you now just need to get your confidence in speaking English and that will come keep practicing on Andrea
I hope you keep in touch letting me know how things are going with you both and I am always happy to see my volunteers coming back for a visit and I will be more than happy to provide a reference for you, you only have to ask.
For now though take, care and look out for each other and all the very best in the future

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