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A traveller can chose to teach languages, yoga , meditation, massages and wellness therapies.
French, German , Spanish, Russian are some of the preferred languages.
Volunteer should have knowledge of practicing Yoga, acro yoga and meditation and be able to demonstrate higher levels .
Thai massage, Swedish massage and Ayurvedic massages are the preferred ones. One could demonstrate Shiatsu , Reflexology skills.
Knowledge of other wellness therapies are welcome such as Reiki, Tantra etc.

We are a small family of three people most of the time. I am 65 years old retired person. I have education at Postgraduate level. I am proficient in English, Hindi , Sanskrit languages and have some proficiency in Urdu also. My wife, 61, is a great cook and homemaker. She makes excellent food which would be wholesome and nutritious. My son, 40, has a working knowledge of catering and tours. He can be of assistance to you in getting knowledge of touristic spots.

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