La Tanière - Ecoconstruction

We will be sharing our knowledge and experience of how to create a home using natural building techniques. We also have skills in foraging wild food, basket making and spoon carving, which we are happy to share with you in the evenings. We also like to go to nearby events and participate in rural village life so you can experience France in a local way. You'll also to get to see how a village is responding positively to the climate crisis. Our village has the goal of being self-sustaining, with local heritage orchards and local energy production in the form of a wind warm and solar panels. We both speak French and English so it is possible to practice either of these languages with us.

We aim to build a good team spirit and create an environment where we can all share our own skills and knowledge. We ensure to teach each stage of the building process to ensure you feel confident in taking part. We encourage everyone to take rests when they need them.

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