La Ville es Gaudin

Learning experience and contact with nature, language exchange connection with earth energies and development of personal magnetism. For city/town dwellers this could be a complete new vision on life and how the world works.

Martin & Vanessa,  are 64 & 61 years old respectively . Have no formal education having left school 15 & 16- years old.  Whilst they are not academics, they have a lifetime of experience in a whole host of different aspects of life.   Martin has never been a company employee for more than 6 months in his 49 year career choosing to either find or create his own work . Vanessa was employed as a data processor for the first 9 years of her career & since has not been employed outside of the family .   Having moved to rural Brittany in 1990 to a derelict house with no money, 2 small children & unable to speak more than a few words of French, with the attitude if you want to do something you can, it just requires effort & determination. Their 3 children 1 having been born in France are now adults & have left home.   For the last 9 years we  have been making a low energy small holding of 3 acres where we have large permaculture gardens for fruits & vegetables having rebuilt much of the depleted soil, sheep for wool & meat, as well as Goats, Chickens & of course a couple of dogs .   We can offer good home cooked food although we are not really set up for vegan diets, accommodation as yet, not so good, but perfectly reasonable (tents or living in own vehicle could be possible). Along with a whole host of transferable practical skills, which can be invaluable for anyone who wants to live extremely frugally or on the edge of society; Most of these skills are self taught or have been learned on the job.   Martin is now fluent in French is able to get by with Spanish, but believes that everyone can communicate with each other regardless of nationality, as long as you make the right effort & with a bit of creativity & want to understand . A very down to earth straight forward non pretentious  person who looks upon himself as a life apprentice. And can offer from experience to show you ; Most aspects of building, with new & reclaiming materials, as well as using what is around naturally, keeping animals as well as butchery, basic mechanics, operating digger & dumper safely, how to strip, clean & safely use shotguns. On a more esoteric level, para magnetic gardening, Dowsing, Geobiology, creating sacred high vibrational spaces etc. Generally living on your own initiative with a low budget.   Vanessa is proficient in French & very creative, a firm believer in natural health, & can offer from experience ; how to create garments & a whole array of other goods. From different materials, reclaimed or new. How to process wool straight from the sheep up through to knitting delightful warm clothing, or weaving all wool cloth for creating woollen goods. Gardening skills & real home economics.   It would require an entire book to list all the skills & experience we have accumulated. We are both open minded and relatively easy going and have led a full life.  We believe that in order to learn something you have to do it & mistakes are part of the learning process.

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