Language English Exchange Cafe in Daejeon in Korea

We have a 2 room apartment which has 1 bathroom, kitchen and the living room. It is just 10 minutes away from the cafe on foot which means you don't have to spend your money for travelling to go and come. Everything is shared in the accommodation including rooms , bathrooms, kitchen and the living room. In there, we also share the laundry machine, air condition, water purifier, microwave, toaster, and all the cooking utensils. We provide you with enough food and ingredients at the accommodation. Here are what we provide: rice, cereal, bread, ramen, eggs, oils, sugar, salt and almost all of the kitchen utensils.

As we are a kind of language cafe, it is all spoken in English which means we need someone who can speak a good English. This cafe is for Koreans who want to practice English with foreigners and build good friendships. We welcome whoever open mined to the diversity and various cultures. To respect each other is really important since we have all different nationalities. It doesn't really matter though you're not from English speaking counties as long as you have a good English speaking level because you will have a conversation with Koreans in English about a lot of interesting topics and share your idea with them. Our staffs including me care always you guys and listening your voices :) I'll try to adopt you guys' needs!

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This was a really enriching cultural immersion. Russell is super nice and assists you with anything you need to make sure that you’re feeling comfortable and at home. I was having a great time with the other volunteers there. Definitely an experience to recommend!

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To spend a month in Korea was one of my best decisions in my life. Daejeon and the Language Studio was great, and Russell is a fantastic host. He manages the Studio with accuracy, he is always there to help everybody in need. He creates good atmosphere and takes care of the details. Daejeon is vibrant, lot of things to see and experience. The apartment and the Studio is in the center, it gives the chance to the travellers to discover the city easily. I would recommend this place with hundred percent!

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I really liked working at the language cafe. Russell was a great host. He was kind and welcoming. He made sure to keep us safe and comfortable at the language cafe.
The people at the language cafe are fantastic!

The apartment has a washer.
The apartment is nice but small. The shower and toilet are not separated so, everything will get soaked.
The overall experience was fantastic!

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Russell made my first Worldpackers trip and my first time in Korea absolutely wonderful. The shifts are 4 hours, and you're just talking to Koreans so they can get conversation practice. You get to know people over time and you can get to become pretty good friends with some of them. There were many students that I would get excited to be paired up with, and I would get lunch or go to bars with several of them. I also got unbelievably close with the other travelers, and Russell himself is incredibly sweet. I got really sick early on and he took me to the hospital and checked on me every day.

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I ended up liking this place more than I expected. My experience at the language cafe was nothing but fun! Russell is one of the kindest people I came across and he's an amazing host. He'll help you with anything and everything. Work is super easy, and you end up meeting various people from different backgrounds, you get to learn about locals and their culture. While living with the other travellers, I made some really amazing friends! I'm going to miss the cafe, Daejeon, the apartment, people I met, friends I made, and the walk by the Riverside so much! I would love to go back again.

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