An English-speaking Cultural Exchange Cafe in Daejeon in Korea

We have a 2 room apartment which has 1 bathroom, kitchen and the living room. It is just 10 minutes away from the cafe on foot which means you don't have to spend your money for travelling to go and come.

Everything is shared in the accommodation including rooms , bathrooms, kitchen and the living room. In there, we also share the laundry machine, air condition, water purifier, microwave, toaster, and all the cooking utensils.

We provide you with enough food and ingredients at the accommodation. Here are what we provide: rice, cereal, bread, ramen, eggs, oils, sugar, salt and almost all of the kitchen utensils.

As we are a kind of language cafe, it is all spoken in English which means we need someone who can speak a good English. This cafe is for Koreans who want to talk English with foreigners and build good friendships. We welcome whoever open mined to the diversity and various cultures. To respect each other is really important since we have all different nationalities. It doesn't really matter though you're not from English speaking counties as long as you have a good English speaking level because you will have a conversation with Koreans in English about a lot of interesting topics and share your idea with them. Our staffs including me care always you guys and listening your voices :) I'll try to adopt you guys' needs!

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I’ve had a wonderful time staying here. Russel is such a good sport - truly an attentive host and the accommodation is proper. People who want to learn and teach; but also connect with locals - this is the spot! I’ve made international as well as Korean friends. The studio is a fun and relaxing environment with lots of different people that come everyday. I wish I had stayed longer. I can’t recommend this enough!

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We had so much fun volunteering in Daejeon! We met so many amazing people, both locals and other people volunteering. The work was super nice, and the locals were all super friendly and thankful! Also, people tend to say Daejeon is a boring city, this is simply not true:) We would really recommend this experience if you enjoy being social and learning about Korean culture!

hace 10 días



My time was so amazing.
Truly my favorite volunteering experience so far, the people you’ll talk to at the studio are so kind and you will learn so much. The other volunteers will become your best friends super quickly and you’ll have the most amazing and fun time!
I truly loved and enjoyed Daejeon as well, so many cafes, restaurants and parks, and even a clubbing era.
Russell was very caring and acted super quickly if we needed anything.

Thank you so much!

hace 12 días



I had a great time with Russell and the students at the studio! :)

The work is very smooth and talking to the students gives us the opportunity to learn more about Korean culture, customs and share about our country too. In addition, it was always fun to get to know each student and share moments with them outside of class.

The facilities for volunteers are good, the food is simple but sufficient and Russell was always polite and helpful.

Daejeon is not a bustling city, but there are a few places to go out at night, plenty of places to exercise, enjoy the local life and chill out.

hace 21 días



Russel was an amazing host, it has been an amazing stay in Daejeon. The food and accomodation were exactly the same as described. He helped us settle down and enjoy the city. I appreciate his efforts to make us feel safe at all times! The work didn't feel like a chore but as an opportunity to meet new people.
If I ever get a chance in the future, I would love to come visit again.
Overall, I am grateful that I found this place as my first worldpackers experience!!

hace 21 días

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