We are Charlie and Joanna and we live in the countryside near to Cambridge. Our 2 daughters after time spent travelling (and volunteering) are now living in London (one of them recently returned from studying in Japan), so our household usually consists of two people and various dogs. I often have dogs to stay, so you need to be relaxed and happy around dogs. We go for long walks with the dogs every day so there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the countryside and depending on the season to join me in foraging for fruit, berries nuts or fungi.

We have been hosting volunteers for over eight years now (positive reviews on 3 other sites) and thoroughly enjoy getting to know new people and share our way of life. Both our daughters have enjoyed being volunteers in Portugal, Australia, Peru and New Zealand and their experiences have given us a greater insight into both sides of the relationship. We lead a fairly quiet life, but enjoy travelling (most recently to the Greek islands, Japan and Georgia (the country not the state)) and always enjoy chatting and sharing our travellers tales. We are happy to help you develop your spoken English - we always enjoy chatting and in the process can explain matters of grammar, pronunciation, context etc. but we are not qualified teachers.

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