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Firstly, I have a beautiful home so can offer a real "home from home" expericence and I am very much a people person. I have a very positive outlook on life and living, and in my younger years, travelled the world. So I know what's a bonus and what can be difficult and I would be so happy to engage with young and maybe Not So Young people as they travel the globe"
I offer excellent food, (including vegetarian, though not vegan) the opportunity to meet other people who are paying guests, many of them also from overseas.. and everyone gains a true international experience.
The bonus about Monaghan is that it is a true hidden gem in Ireland, not quite on the tourist but it has some fantastic things to do and places to see that won't break the bank!!

I am mostly a one woman show but as it gets a bit busier in the summer time I would appreciate the help with the rooms and gardening. Hours and workdays are fairly flexible but it would be overall 25hrs a week. I would be very happy to take my volunteer around visiting friends and family and introduce them to the local community. We are a super friendly part of Ireland and make visitors welcome always. Also I'm heavily involved in the music and culture scene locally so happy to include my volunteer(s) in music gigs, theatre and concerts.


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The experience in Lynster house was ok. It's a beautiful house in the countryside with beautiful landscapes. The work was a little hard and required having work experience with housekeeping and cleaning since the cleaning needed to be done really quickly and in a perfect way. The volunteer accommodation isn't inside the house, but that's good because you'll have privacy. I recommend this volunteer if you like to live in the countryside and if you have worked with cleaning and housekeeping. Otherwise, it could be very stressful.

8 meses atrás

Elizabeth respondeu

I think Fernanda was not prepared or suitable for any of the tasks that came with the role here. All was basic common sense house keeping. Also her personal issues caused alot of stress here and the need for me to seek advice and guidance from the support team. Sadly I do not recommend Fernanda for any house keeping related volunteer positions.



I had a good time staying at Lynster House. The house is very beautiful and unique, especially the garden at night. Elizabeth is a caring person who wants to share with volunteers the Irish culture. During my time there I had the opportunity to visit Belfast, and Dublin,explore Monaghan town, and attend regional music festivals. As for the work,it was in general easy to learn. I helped with gardening, cleaning and breakfast. The hours and schedule varied from week to week.

9 meses atrás

Elizabeth respondeu

Itzel. You were a joy to host. Happy, funny, great sense of humour and great common sense approach to life in general. I really have missed you about the place. Hope life is treating u well and u enjoying WP wherever u are now. Best wishes ❤



I had a lovely time at Lynster House. The house is beautiful, has a huge garden and is surrounded by nature. The town, Monaghan, is about 3km away and can be reached on foot or by bike. It provides good bus connections to Dublin and Belfast. The host, Elizabeth, is very kind and caring and made sure I got to know the Irish culture. She is also an excellent cook and provides a delicious meal in the evening. My vegetarian diet was not an issue. The work will be distributed among the days as needed, thus there is no daily schedule/shifts. Great if you‘re looking for a quiet experience in nature!

10 meses atrás

Elizabeth respondeu

Laura. It was so lovely to meet you and host you. I really enjoyed having you here did Itzel. It was also great that you both got to share and 3njoy the trips to Belfast, Dublin, Hollywood Lake etc and the surrounding town and villages. Hope college is going well and that you have settled in to the new year. Best wishes. Elizabeth



The experience was really good, it was my first time as a volunteer and I felt very comfortable with the lodging and with the hostess. Elizabeth is fabulous, a very friendly, energetic woman, all the time she made sure that I visit the town and surroundings and that I get to know the culture and custums of Ireland. Tasks and schedules were respected as the publication says. The house is beautiful!!! The garden is amazing, beautiful place to live. It is 3km from the town, you can go by bike or on foot. Although it is quiet, the landscapes there are really from a movie!

11 meses atrás

Elizabeth respondeu

Hi Amancay, that is so lovely to hear and so very glad that you enjoyed your experience. Sorry, couldnt fix the rain!
Enjoy your next position and travel safe, happy and healthy into the future. Elizabeth

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