Palm Tree Farm

Nice farm of palm trees in rural Spain perfectt location to experience the rural countryside and peaceful environment , being in contact with nature and plant related activities in the countryside.

We have a beautiful land completely covered on palm trees, there is an old tabaco barn that we are slowly converting into a rural house. my family runs a nursery garden in this town in the province of Toledo, not far from Madrid, we are now trying to finish the house as well as establishing and create the garden around the house, which is quite easy as we have all the plants and trees supplies and knowledge from my family business. I live in Madrid but every weekend I travel to my home town (only 1h 20 min drive) to do some work on my land, where my family lives. The idea is to host someone for short periods, who would like to spend some time in the country side doing gardening and farming work, and help us with the house renovation if needed. The land is completely outside of town and the nearest village is about 15 min bicycle ride, and 40 min walk. This is not a very big town, but the biggest close town is about 20 min bicycle ride (9 km) and has plenty of restaurants and life, it is an atypical town so there is no many tourists which makes it the perfect town to get to know the real Spanish culture. This experience is indicated for people who loves the solitude of the country life, and loves plants .


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Gostaria de agradecer primeiramente pela experiência, não é exatamente o que eu buscava em um voluntariado no campo, esperava mais imersão cultural, gastronómica e aproveitar o lugar.
tivemos problemas com as instalações de uso comunitario(cozinha e casa de banho), alimentação oferecida é bem basica e bastante repetitiva,(basicamente produtos enlatados) por estar no campo eu esperava uma alimentação diferente da qual nos foi oferecida.
Decidi encerrar meu voluntariado apos 3 semanas, apos ter uma conversa com o anfitrião sobre coisas a melhorar, ele dizer que concordava e nada mudar.

9 meses atrás



gran experiencia y aprendizaje

10 meses atrás



La experiencia en la finca de palmeras fue muy buena. Sara y Diego nos recibieron muy bien, siempre estuvieron muy atentos a que estemos cómodos y no nos falte nada. Si había algún inconveniente se encargaban de resolverlo con rapidez para que la experiencia siga siendo buena.
Aprendimos sobre jardinería y fue una semana muy linda para conectar con la naturaleza y el medio ambiente.
Sin duda recomendamos este voluntariado y volveríamos a realizarlo en algún momento. Nos sentimos muy a gusto realmente!

quase 2 anos atrás



We didn´t felt comfortable at all. When we arrived Sarabel was sick and she didn´t know if it was because of COVID or not. This was a surprise for us and we would have expected to be told before so we could make our own decision on moving forward with the experience or cancel it. We slept on a big tent (cold at night, hot during day) with 2 other voluntiers (who were awsome people) but the matriz was really uncomfortable. The 1 bathroom we had for the 4 of us was 2 blocks away from the tent (didn´t have any lights at nigh). In addition to daily tasks, volunteers had to cook the mealsforhosts.

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Sarabel respondeu

I dont feel this feedback is accurate at all, I believe their expectations are too high and I dont recommend this couple for a volunteering, as they obviously expect a 5 starts hotel treatment, we are in the process of setting up a business which is why we need volunteers and why things are not 100% ready. We had excellent experiences with volunteers all along, with really good reviews in other platforms, we treat everybody like equal and had a lot of fun together. As I was sick in covid times, of course I lived separate from the rest of the group and didn’t mingle with them, the farm is big enough to be able lo live far away from the others. We do not treat volunteers as slaves making them cook for hosts, but obviously host eat too… they don’t live from thin air and they eat the same for all, rather the opposite I usually cook for them (for all, us included) but due the circumstances I could not cook and the volunteers had to cook taking turns for everybody, (we don’t do different meals for hosts and volunteers, we all eat the same together enjoying each other companies) When I recovered I made wonderful paellas, barbeques and Spanish dishes for everybody, everyone helped me to cook while they learned Spanish cuisine, but this two seemed they wanted all prepared for them like hotel guests. They where offered a big double bed or two single beds but they decided to share a small one, which I dint understand, they were offered extra blankets etc and every time they were asked if everything was ok they smiled nicely to say it was ok, so I really felt they were all fine, I suggest in the future no to be double faced and say if there is anything you would like to change to your host specially when they ask you, other ways they will not know. They seemed very smiley and happy that’s why I didn’t mind their poor working skills, and they accepted the tasks (which I can assure you were not hard at all or out of proportion) nicely so I thought it was nice to have them even though they didn’t contribute much, we rather want happy people. In the other hand they decided to leave without explanation a couple of days after their arrival, so I think they didn’t even give a chance to the project. My advice to hoist this couple is: If you have a 5 start accommodation and a chef to cook for them please take them, other ways they will not be happy.



We stayed with Sarabel and Diego for only four days and we arrived at a complicated moment. Sarabel was feeling sick and worried about having covid (we only found out about it after we arrived), so we were not able to socialize with them that much. On the other hand, we got to spend some quality time with two other volunteers and we really enjoyed it 😄.
The house rules and tasks were clear. We help with trimming palm trees, setting up a tent for events, cherry picking and laying tiles.
The accomodations for volunteers were not what we expected.

quase 3 anos atrás

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