St Jois Little Angels Daycare

St. Jois Little Angles Daycare started in 2021 with a vision to offer a better foundation for children in the early years of learning. Our educational activities consist of fun and learning
activities that are nurtured by talented teams. The school is located in the Singida area, Tanzania, Jovena Municipality, along Mwanza road. The school offers a Pre-Primary Education Curriculum for children aged three to ten years and aims to develop a child’s competencies that will enable him/her to successfully learn in Primary school and other levels of education.

We are seeking volunteers who can socialize with our kids at school. The volunteers can support and encourage learning activities in the school because children who are aged 0-10 years learn primarily through joyful activities that strengthen their curiosity and desire to learn.

While in Tanzania, you'll have the opportunity to explore the beautiful country of Tanzania which is a tourist attraction site. Singida in Tanzania is mostly known for its two Rift Valley lakes - Lake Singida and Lake Kindai. Both lakes attract thousands of Flamingoes. Some of the activities volunteers can do while in Singida include visiting Museum, Lakes, Hiking, and Bird watching Museum. We will work with you to plan the areas and activities you would like to participate in and places to explore while in Tanzania.

I am a compassionate, patient, and dependable child care specialist with 2+ years of expertise in developing quality care plans and coordinating child care programs. I exhibit the communication required to build strong families and entertain children with engaging activities. I am also a mother of two lovely children and I am dedicated to ensuring children's well-being and safety and committed to establishing effective communication with parents. Volunteers are valuable resources to us. We will create an environment for you to easily develop personal, emotional, and professional connections with the community. We will endeavor to have activities that will create a sense of belonging in order for you to have a positive and enjoyable atmosphere.


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Jackie was the best host I could've ever asked for! This was my first experience with Worldpackers and only the second time out of the country and Jackie made me feel so safe and welcome. Additionally, the kids at school were such a delight and I already miss them so much. I would recommend this experience to my friends and other world packer members.

2 meses atrás



My experience in St Jois Little Angels day care was amazing! Jaqueline by far was my best host, she help me a lot with everything that I need, since I arrived at the airport until I left Tanzania. The children are so lovely and you have a lot of fun in play/speak with them. The teachers there are super helpful too and everything is to make and bring the best to the children. Tanzania is amazing country that offers a lots of culture and all the people that I met was friendly and welcoming with me. I miss you all! ❤️

6 meses atrás

Jaqueline respondeu

Raquel i wish you all the best and i still need you here in my daycare you are a such good friend and i hope you will come back coz we have not finish our business i will be here waiting for you to come back. Love you



The last month and a half that I spent at St. Jois Daycare with Madam Jacqueline has been wonderful. This has been my first volunteering experience and I couldn't have had a better experience! Jacqueline welcomed me into her home and I felt like a part of her family from day one! Working at the daycare was easy and very rewarding. I had a great time, filled with many trips, meeting new people, eating delicious food and being a part of a new community. Madam Jacqueline is a warm, kind, fun, intellectual,hardworking and passionate individual. I would recommend her stay to everyone!

10 meses atrás

Jaqueline respondeu


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