Sustainable project at the Villa on the hills by Verona

The travelers would be immersed in the typical Italian atmosphere in one of the best places in this country, discovering our culture, history, traditions, and typical food. We'll be visiting together the best historical places in Verona, a city rich in culture, a mix of Roman 2000 yr old architecture, but also medieval and renaissance. We'll often be traveling during the weekends to the national park, the lake of Garda and the mountains. We'll be happy to help in learn the Italian language, entrepreneurship, economy, politics and design for those interested in these subjects.

We are a Norwegian/Italian couple (Veronica, Massimo) interested in meeting people from different countries, sharing cultures, learning languages, and enjoying outdoor activities during their free time! We live on the hills near Verona, in a beautiful natural place, near a national park and the lake of Garda. We both work in the fields of design, the internet and entrepreneurship. We enjoy spending our free time in the marvellous natural places we are surrounded by, doing several outdoor activities with friends as hiking, running, mountain biking, tennis, and windsurfing. It would be great to improve our English with our guests and to have some help in the house. Our guests are always welcome to join us in our sports, outdoor activities and visit other cities.

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My first worldpackers trip and then immediately so educational. I stayed with Veronica and Massimo and little baby Markus for 2 weeks. It was a wonderful time.
Veronica cooked so good food and so healthy she is such a lovely person. I immediately felt comfortable.
Massimo has a well organised daily schedule and is very focused. I find that very inspiring.
I learned a lot and was able to take a look at their lifestyle. We always ate together, it felt like I was part of her family. They also paid attention to how I was feeling and were very sensitive.

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Staying for 2 weeks with Massimo and Veronica was so nice for my self development journey! They are a very kind and eager to learn couple that inspire you to want to grow and learn together! The chores were always very well explained (house cleaning, cooking, gardening) and enjoyable. Their house had one of the prettiest views I have ever seen and the little town around really makes you feel emerged in a typical italian life: I had plenty of time to walk around, enjoy sunsets and drink looots of cappuccino hahaha definitely recommend this experience :)

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Embarking on my first World Packers Experience with Massimo and Veronica was an absolute delight. Hospitality in their amazing home, Veronica’s cooking and trying out new workouts set a perfect tone. Immersing in their lifestyle and healthy habits was truly eye opening and inspiring experience. Flexible working hours enriched my exploration of nearby areas. I am very grateful for being able to be at such a place for two weeks. I recommend this trip to anyone who seeks personal development and cares about constant growth.

4 meses atrás

Estados Unidos


My time with Massimo and Veronica was truly the best week I have ever experienced. It has truly opened my eyes to so many healthy and enriching values on a mental and physical level. Their home is just breathtaking and have never felt such peace in an environment. I have learned so much from both of them and all things I will carry on with me always. I could not recommend this experience more, it will have such a positive impact on anyone, especially if you are wanting to practice healthy lifestyle choices, learn about sustainability, and be active with work around the house! :))

5 meses atrás

Reino Unido


Staying with Massimo& Veronica was my first experience through world packers and I couldn’t have chosen a better one to start with! They were welcoming of me into their beautiful home, Veronica made delicious home cooked meals and trying new workouts with Massimo was so fun. It was an eye opening experience to try their lifestyle this past week, and it has taught me a lot about the value of motivation. The work of painting, gardening and cleaning was enjoyable and always well explained to me, they were also really flexible with working hours to allow me to explore Verona. Highly recommend!

5 meses atrás

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