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We will prioritize the candidates with previous experience as volunteers, who speak Italian or English, have motivation and sense of responsibility, who love nature and are willing to help people in need.

Thabarwa is one of 100 International Centres of Meditation and Solidarity spread throughout Asia, Europe and North America, founded by the Burman Monk Sayadaw Ashin Ottamathara. Here, all kinds of people, including the ones in difficulty (homeless people, single parents, people with addiction problems, mental and physical issues, etc.), find refuge and hospitality for free, in a climate of total openness, respect and joy.

We live together as a community where everyone participate and help each other out on daily chores and multiple other tasks. We usually work in the morning period (until lunch), doing household, organizing common spaces, cooking, working in the garden, cutting wood and grass, building and repairing, keeping the surrounding areas clean and working on ongoing projects.

We also organize events, such as retreats, dinners and courses.

However, apart from the basic structure of the volunteering experience, the routine is dynamic and almost every new suggestion is welcome to be put into practice. We've had people teaching languages, translating informal and important meetings, helping kids with homework, driving hosts around, or even taking the initiative to set a whole new biological garden.

Finally, Meditation is what united us in the first place, so here you have the possibility to practice it on your own in a meditation room or in the forest, or the Vipassana modality in a small group, in the morning and/or afternoon sessions. The President of this Italian Unity has more than 20 years of experience and enough research to help you out if this is the direction of your journey.

The accommodation will be in shared rooms with 2/3/4 beds, and with shared bathrooms. There is a male and a female area. We offer blankets, pillows, sheets, pillowcases and towels. Guests have access to a washing machine to weekly wash personal clothes and bed linen. Three meals are served during the day: 7.30 breakfast, 12.00 lunch, 17.30 snack (a light dinner).

We are a big joyful family waiting for you to travel (specially inwards) into this experience.

Our center is open to everyone! We welcome people from every culture, religion, age and abilities and we encourage diversity. Everyone can contribute in their own way and with their own skills and gifts. We are a big open family, with our similarities and differences. We will respect you for who you are and we expect you to do the same with all of us!

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Es una experiencia muy linda! el balance entre conectar contigo mismo y con otros, es super relevante! aprender de culturas, organización y el empoderamiento es relevante en el día a día.
Se siente un paz muy linda ya que el espacio esta rodeado de naturaleza, eso si que esta muy bien! Gracias Thabarwa por tan linda experiencia <3

1 mês atrás



I met a lot of wonderful people and stayed in a very very beautiful place there!

2 meses atrás



Hola viajeros/as! He estado 6 semanas y me hubiera gustado quedarme hasta finales de agosto. Pero, ¿que pasó? Tanto los voluntarios como los residentes son un encanto, pero en cuanto a la dirección del centro deja mucho que desear. Existen reglas y responsabilidades solamente para algunos. Por lo tanto, habría que exponerlas claramente para todos/as. Ejemplo: prohibido tener medicinas en las habitaciones. Después, en cuanto a la comida, la merienda/cena hay demasiado azúcar para que sea saludable. No hay Wi-Fi. Y según mi opinión, falta más atención y trato profesional hacia los residentes.

2 meses atrás

Thabarwa respondeu

We gladly respond to the comment of the volunteer Marina, whom we thank for the contribution. Medication cannot be kept in the room as a form of security for everyone, but we can keep it ourselves under the directions of the people who need them. Living in the middle of a forest and thus enjoying this green paradise, we have no WiFi because no repeater transmits. But it is very easy to connect with a personal hotspot. The food is always fresh and wholesome and there is always a choice of sweet or savory. We are considered a completely innovative community with respect to the problem of mental illness and in 6 years we have helped more than 2000 people regain their smiles. This is thanks to the wonderful volunteers who spend time and energy for others. After all, one only has to read the reviews we have received over the years to understand how much the work done by volunteers is appreciated .Sometimes it is necessary to start from one's own difficulties and take note of them in order to build a better and more altruistic world, where one goes beyond one's own personal pleasure



Thabarwa experience is a life-changing one. Apart from meeting amazing people from all over the world, I had the chance to slow down, and work on myself. It is truly a magical place full of unexpected adventures and experiences, that shape your journey during your stay, and also wherever life takes you after. I highly recommend visiting this little paradise on earth.

4 meses atrás



This experience is fantastic for create good relationship with new people, it helps you to participate in a community full of extraordinary people.

4 meses atrás

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