The Gambia M.L Jallow Ecovillage Project

We are family Ecovillage project located in The Gambia, Think Globally, act Locally. While Volunteering with us ,volunteers will have great chance to explore Gambia and learn and had new experience with locals in our community .Volunteers will find our Ecovillage as from there to home ...

I am Bakary Dembo Barrow The project Coodinator of M.L Jallow Ecovillage project ,our eco project is like an orgnisation an we 11 team members in the organisation. 3 members are respinsible for the eco project which me an colleagues are working on the project an work with volunteers to able harvest our hopes into realities throught practicing permaculture gardening etc Volunteers will be to have me as there host ,As i being hosting others volunteers from different part the world and they have great time an experience being there host ..

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