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The tasks are simple, the place is clean, and the location is great.
But ... the organization leaves much to be desired, it seems that there is no communication between them, because one says/does something and the next day the other completely undoes it, certain people will eat your food, and when you say it they do not give you any solution, despite the fact there are cameras, in case you need anmeldung, they charge you a 'kaution' of 200 euros, and the amount of hours is much higher than what it says, on your nightshifts you must spend the night there, until 8AM.

2 meses atrás

U inn respondeu

Thanks Gustavo! People didn´t eat your food, as we told you: our cleaning lady accidentally threw away some of your food, because she thought that you have checked out. We appologized for that more than once now. The cameras are there for security reasons, which you signed up for when you arrived committing to our house rules. (so no-one can steal your food for instance) The organization is hard to follow through when you have someone (you) who doesn´t care what his job is and does what he wants anyway. And yes, during your nightshift, you have to spend the night there - thats literally the name of the task.



it was a pleasure to be part of U inn Berlin!

3 meses atrás

U inn respondeu

Thanks Martina! It was a real pleasure having you here!