Watchara organic farm

Because there are many activities in my farm such as learning technique organic farm,learning about basic Thai boxing, trekking in the Jungle and practicing techniques meditation .

I have many experience tour guide and many experience teaching techniques meditation because i am former monk before and my staff can cook Thai food very well.we are very friendly and we live together like the family.

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The farm is one of a few in the area. I'm so lucky to have picked Watchara Farm. In contrary to the other stays I've heard about I got to not only work but also have the most crazy adventures and meet the most interesting and amazing people. The hosts are lovely and you get the opportunity to know them better on a daily basis. Thanks to the care they put into their community you get to know and love not only the family but also all the lovely locals. The work is satisfying and varies from light to hard but there's always time to relax or compensate with an adventure.

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An amazing experience for people that are interested in learning new skills including teaching English, meditation, Buddhism, building bamboo construction and so much more! I enjoyed the part that there was no electricity so it was a perfect opportunity for phone detox and the spare time I had, I mostly read or chatted with other volunteers. Easy to make friends since everyone was so nice and lovely!

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It was a nice break from all the overstimulation in my normal life & take the time to enjoy the simple & mundane things in life, and better appreciate nature. I ended up extending my stay.

A festival happened while there. Another volunteer & I participated by performing a traditional Thai dance w/ some of the women from the village.

Watchara, Deng and Phone really care about your well being. I had an accident and they were truly concerned for me.

I recommend coming with a “down for whatever” mentality bc you will be met with surprises & interact w/ the locals during your down time.

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I had a wonderful time in Watchara Farm ! I felt very welcome, by the family and also by the others volunteers. This is the perfect place to connect with nature and quiet. It’s really rustic but it was what i was looking for.
The work can be tiring specially because of the sun but it’s not difficult and you also have a lot of free time to rest.
I specially loved giving english lessons to children !
The food is also absolutely delicious.
It can be cold at night but they give you a lot of blankets. I recommend you to go to the hot springs by hitchhiking on your day off ! Merci 🙏 🇫🇷

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It was the healthiest experience in my life. I’m just thankful that I had this time with all this people.

18 dias atrás

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