Cleaning volunteer with free accommodation



My experience at the hostel was amazing. The staff and leadership are welcoming, friendly, and flexible. I was properly trained for the work, and the expectations were clear and reasonable. Typically, I would work from 11am-2pm-ish, depending on the amount of work. The main tasks were cleaning and setting the beds, cleaning the toilet and showers, and vacuuming. There is always a staff member to help direct the volunteers and available to answer questions. I would work 5 days/week, and they were generous in granting flexibility with certain days off. Sapporo is also a great city to live.

4 meses atrás



I really enjoyed my time at the hostel, the staff is really friendly and easy going, while the tasks are quite easy. The hostel is really well placed (20 min walk to the city center) and you'll have much free time to visit Hokkaido. I'm really going to miss you all!!!!

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Fue una muy buena estadia, agradable y comoda, el dueño y el staff fueron muy amables. Sapporo es una ciudad muy bonita y sus alrededores tambien.

7 meses atrás

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The hostel is nice and cozy with a cute restaurant downstairs. The staff are friendly and the owner was a good boss. The work was fair and I never worked more than 3 hours. I have given 4 stars instead of 5 because my first bunk was in the middle of the room without any natural sunlight so it was noisy and I didn't sleep very well. Also the hostel wasn't very social so I had to find friends in the city. Overall though I had a lot of free time to explore Sapporo and the surrounding areas and it would be a good place for someone to practice their Japanese.

2 meses atrás

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