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Ecovila Tecopa, Estados Unidos

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Are you a Food Wizard? Show us your skills in the kitchen as the community cook in California :)

Ajude um projeto sustentável
Esse host colabora na construção de um futuro melhor e mais sustentável para todos!
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Como você vai ajudar


Horas por semana
Colabore com seu anfitrião por algumas horinhas.
Preparar Refeições
Prepare aquele rango gostoso para hóspedes.
Ajudante de Cozinha
Ajude a preparar, finalizar e servir refeições.
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O que você recebe


Dias livres por semana
Um tempinho livre para você curtir, explorar e descansar.
Quarto compartilhado
Você terá uma cama em um quarto compartilhado, ou seja, irá dividir o quarto com outras pessoas.
Uma barraca confortável para dormir sob um céu estrelado.
Café da manhã
Você ganha café da manhã gratuito todos os dias que ficar aqui.
Você ganha almoço gratuito todos os dias que ficar aqui.
Você ganha jantar gratuito todos os dias que ficar aqui.
Lavanderia gratuita
Você pode usar nossa lavanderia gratuitamente.
Passeios de graça
Te levamos para fazer tours e passeios pela cidade. De graça!
Trilhas de graça
Te levamos para fazer excursões e trilhas pela cidade. De graça!
Drinks de graça
Ganhe free drinks ou bebidas.
Bicicletas à vontade
Use nossas bikes à vontade, quando quiser.
Carona na chegada
Te buscamos na sua chegada a cidade e damos uma carona até aqui.
Use nossa cozinha equipada
Fique à vontade para usar nossa cozinha para cozinhar sua própria comida.
Receba ajuda da equipe da Worldpackers caso precise em algum momento da viagem.
Anfitrião verificado
Esse anfitrião foi checado pela nossa equipe antes de entrar na comunidade.
Seguro Worldpackers
Algo não saiu como combinado? Entre em contato com a nossa equipe.
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A Experiência

In summary, you would be in charge of feeding us. As with all positions here, you will not be stuck with just this one role. All members of our team perform general community tasks, and can also change their main role at any time if it turns out that their interest or passion changed. All team members can also participate in any of the other projects being run in the community.

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  • Inglês Intermediário ou Húngaro Intermediário
  • Tem que ter pelo menos 21 anos
  • Recebe voluntários sozinhos, casais e duplas de voluntários

O que não está incluso

Passagens, seguro viagem, transporte e visto

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Fique pelo menos
4 semanas

Fale com quem já viveu a experiência

Na nossa comunidade, você pode conversar com worldpackers que já colaboraram com esse anfitrião e tirar suas dúvidas diretamente.

Sugestão do que perguntar:

  • a) Como foi sua experiência no anfitrião?
  • b) Como era seu dia-a-dia?
  • c) Quanto gastou nessa viagem?

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Anfitrião & Equipe


Horas & Tarefas




Aprendizado & Diversão


Como essa experiência vai te transformar

9 Aprendi sobre sustentabilidade

8 Me conectei com viajantes internacionais

7 Me conectei com a natureza

6 Desenvolvi minha consciência ambiental

5 Me conectei com pessoas locais

5 Pratiquei Inglês



Erik es un gran ser humano , con un gran proyecto por delante. Espero haber estado a la altura de su proyecto. Sino, mis disculpas por ello. Agradesco muchísimo a erik su paciencia con mi poco Ingles. Y también para ayudarme a mejorarlo. También por siempre prestarme apoyo y ayuda de forma personal. Como digo un gran ser humano

1 mês atrás



An unforgettable life experience, every day was a different adventure, the desert isn't a place for everyone and that's why the moments you live there are unique. Erik is a wonderful host, dedicated and committed to building a sustainable life and community in every way. In 2 months I was able to design and build in earth, plastic, wood and glass, learn about solar water and electricity systems, natural and passive methods of heating and cooling, composting and gardening, plus I went to an oasis, hot springs, rock climbing, hiking and more. the eco village become my home and I'll surely come back

9 meses atrás

Estados Unidos


This experience was definitely something I will never forget. I met so many amazing people and got to experience so many amazing things but there was a downside in the experience involving the host. The host had good intentions but had instances where he made me and my friend feel uncomfortable. He ended up setting unrealistic expectations on us which resulted in us switching to an exchange program nearby that was a much better environment and learning experience. Overall I think the desert is a beautiful place full of magic and self discovery and should not be taken for granted.

9 meses atrás

Erik respondeu

Darcy's review is a perfect reminder for everyone: if you do not 100% agree with the "Survivor's Guide" that will be provided to everyone prior to their commitments, If you are not 100% certain that you can honor your commitment, work with enthusiasm and identify with Tranqvillium's values and goals, please do not come here. This place is for people who are radically committed to giving their best in order to create a sample environment of sustainable living. We are operating on a ridiculously small budget, that would not even suffice for a small family in the mainstream society, and anybody less than immensely committed to make things better would be a drain on our very limited resources and result in a less than happy experience for both sides. Thank you for being considerate of this.

Estados Unidos


Erik is an insanely generous, and friendly host. The first week of my trip was just Erik and I. I never once felt unsafe by myself and Erik immediately felt like a long time friend. He went out of his way to take me to town with him and do some fun activities. I appreciated that all food was provided and that Erik would pick stuff up from the store I wanted, but please don't come here to take advantage of that and expect caviar and lobster. Despite the listed positions you will help with all aspects of life on the eco village which I really liked. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any Q's

10 meses atrás

Estados Unidos


This was my first worldpackers experience and it was definitely a very mixed one. The people I met were amazing and the desert was such a magical place to be. However, there were many conflicts with the host that ended up resulting in him asking us 4 volunteers there at the time to leave and find other arrangements. The way the experience is presented is very different than the actual one, and was unfortunately not the right fit. Overall, it was a great learning experience in ways I didn't expect and for that, I do not regret volunteering here. I wish the host all the best in the future.

11 meses atrás

Erik respondeu

“Conflict” = Check-in meetings at the end of the first week, where both parties constructively discuss necessary adjustments and/or changes, and at the end of the second week, where the implementation of those are reviewed by both sides and a decision whether we can continue can be made by either parties. Everybody during the Zoom interview is informed of this process.

“him asking us … to leave and find other arrangements.” = After the second week check-in during which the current two work-exchangers have decided that the standards, and operating rules of the community were not ones that they were willing to commit to, we have arranged for them to transition to a nearby project, (less than a mile away) the format and principles of which were in much better alignment with what the two work exchangers were looking for. As per the feedback of the leader of that project, it was indeed a better match for both of them.
“The way the experience is presented is very different than the actual one”- We provide a eight page “Survivor’s Guide to Tranqvillium” document (created by a former work exchanger) describing our community in much detail to all applicants. If that is acceptable for them, we conduct a roughly 40 min to 1 hr video interview where we talk through every aspect of living here and provide unlimited time to ask questions. We constantly changing the form and content of our application process to make sure that the experience is as clearly communicated and understood as possible. We are making the changes and updates based on the feedback the work exchangers are providing. When we get specific criticism, or suggestions for changes, if it is in alignment with our principles, we immediately integrate the change in our processes. This experience will not be any different in that sense.

It is not possible to fully avoid mismatches, but we do our best to minimize them. In the unfortunate event when it happens, we provide a dignified and convenient exit for both the person who is not happy with our way of life and for Tranqvillium equally, regardless of whose choice the discontinuation was.

About 90% of what Tranqvillium is, has been built by enthusiastic work exchange visitors. We rely greatly on the fresh energy, insights and determination that people from the outside can bring into this social experiment which is radically different from what most people have experienced before. Nevertheless, Tranqvillium is an intentional community that is organized around the 8 basic principles that are outlined in the “Survivor’s Guide” and are non-negotiable. It is extremely important to understand those and decide whether those are acceptable for anyone who wants to be a part of this family.

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