Explore and trek Nepal as a local while helping with social media and promotion!

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I’ve spent almost two weeks with Shiva and his family and it’s been great. It is the perfect way to immerse in the nepalese culture and daily life. His wife is an excellent cook, his son very kind...they’ve treated me like family from the first day, they took care of me and I’ve enjoyed the time spent with them: meals, conversations, tours...
Regarding the work, it’s been very flexible so that I could also get to visit around. Thanks for all Shiva and see you soon!!! Namaste



The experience with Shiva was very good! It was super easy to help him and I got hosted like a family member!
The food was amazing and it was like living local life all the time.
Shiva and his family are very kind, well mannered and well cultured. Staying with them, and enjoying the travel tours, made me discover many aspects of Nepali life.
I really recommend Shiva and Himkala Adventure! :D



Shiva is an amazing guy and an awesome guide! The job to me was essencially go with him on the tours around Kathmandu, taking pictures and feed his social medias. Was a great experience and I've learned A LOT about nepali traditions, religions, politics and history! Staying with his lovely family and live as a local was also a great life experience. His son is very polite and his wife cooks such a great food and did everything to please me despite my food restrictions: no rice to me, a BIG issue in Asia! Thank you, Shiva and family, for such an welcoming stay.



Great Experience! Shiva is a kind and warm person and his family is really nice, they made me feel like home and I had the chance to experience Nepal in a "local way" they introduced me different Nepali meals and all were pretty good and tasty, his wife is an amazing cook so I enjoyed every meal. I was helping Shiva taking photos during the walking tour to promote his job so I learned a lot about Nepal. Shiva has an amazing knowledge about the Nepali history and he take his time to explain everything in detail. Thank you Shiva for everything I really enjoyed this experience!



My almost two months in Nepal were outstanding! Shiva and his family were spectacularly polite, generous and considerate. I could not recommend this experience more. :)
Living in real Kathmandu, outside of the tourist district will give you a completely fresh and rarely seen perspective of life in Nepal. Also, Shiva's walking tour is one of a kind in the city, and will familiarize you with the surroundings very quickly.
Shiva is such a wonderful guy. Inspired and mindful. Talk with him as much as possible and soak in his knowledge, experiences and positive attitude.



Staying with Shiva and working for Himakala Adventures has truly been a learning experience for me. I got to learn a lot more than I could have had I travelled by myself. The work helped me learn more about Nepal in general and its culture, traditions, history in general. He has a lovely family, very welcoming. They went out of their way to make me feel at home. Would definitely recommend if you want to live with locals who are welcoming and loving and a host who has abundant knowledge about his country. I was lucky enough to visit his village in Gorkha which was an experience I will treasure.


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I had the absolute best time with Shiva and his family :) We trekked every day and laughed so many times. As far as the office work : He gave me creative control and flexibility to work to my strengths. Super simple and incredibly REWARDING. He was so kind and grateful for my efforts. Made me feel truly appreciated and at home. His wife makes excellent curry! If you work with him, please give him your best - he's absolutely worth it. And in turn, he'll show you a FUN time and welcome you into his family. So glad to have made a new friend <3



Amazing experience with Shiva, it made me feel like home every time, always worry about my wellbeing and what u would want. He has a nice little company, which focus on quality service (hard to find here in Nepal), so has been a pleasure to help with the promotion and social media presence
To know the service better and to know Nepal in the same time, we made some tours together, both in Katmandu, other nepali cities and the mountains. I would recommend the experience both for the cultural experience and as trekking ng company to explore around



I could completely experience Nepal with Shiva and Himkala Adventure. Living in a nepali house, eating what they eat, following their lifestyle... This was what I was actually looking for. Shiva and his family have treated me really well, and prepared different typical nepali dishes for me. About the company, I could have a lot of freedom with the schedules and tasks to do, and I could do lots of tours: Free walking tour, Trek to Poonhill, Monastery tour, Spiritual tour, I visited Bhaktapur, Pashupati, Boudanath Stupa, Osho Tapoban and more. I really enjoyed this experience!!



Wow! What a phenomenal experience. This was my first time doing a homestay and I was definitely lucky to have such a positive experience. Shiva and his family were so welcoming and I was able to see so much during my two weeks here. From the beginning I helped him do some filming for his 'Free Walking Tour Kathmandu' and I was able to see some great historical sites. We were able to do a Nagarkot Tour and one of the highlights of my trip was doing an overnight trip to his local village, Gorkha. Lastly, him and his wife provided some really delicious meals during my stay. Highly recommended!!


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