Ecovila Shawnigan Lake, Canadá

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A Experiência

At our ecovillage we provide volunteers with a positive, educational experience. Our volunteer program seeks to build public awareness of the concept of sustainability and the Ecovillage movement. We are looking for good people in winter months to help with carpentry/woodworking/infrastructure repair, cleaning common areas, gardening in the greenhouses, working with animals, and, if you are long-term volunteer, to join our admin team.

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  • Inglês Intermediário
  • Tem que ter pelo menos 18 anos
  • Recebe voluntários sozinhos, casais e duplas de voluntários

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Passagens, seguro viagem, transporte e visto

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  • 7 Aprendi sobre sustentabilidade
  • 7 Tive uma imersão na cultura local
  • 7 Desenvolvi minha consciência ambiental
  • 6 Me conectei com a natureza
  • 5 Me conectei com viajantes internacionais

Objetivos de Desenvolvimento Sustentável que esse anfitrião contribui

  • 5 2. Erradicar a fome
  • 5 16. Paz, justiça e instituições eficazes
  • 4 6. Água potável e saneamento

Reino Unido


Wow what an experience, so grateful to Brandy and Trent for hosting me! It's an amazing site with so many animals and fun things to do. I learnt so much about permaculture and even managed to help build a cob wall. I mostly helped out in the garden. Thanks so much for all the memories, being part of a lovely community and to Freya for her great cooking. Miss you guys! X

22 dias atrás



It totally exceeded my expectations, I found a peaceful place with an atmosphere of respect, a culture attentive to nature and that knows how to take advantage of resources! Everyone in the community has impressive stories and are admirable people, an experience where you will learn about permaculture and sustainability!!

6 meses atrás

OUR respondeu

You will be lucky to host this volunteer! He is going to bring goodness where ever he goes....

Reino Unido


My partner and I spent a month at the eco village and it exceeded my expectations at every turn. I learned a lot about living sustainably, building, permaculture and living in an intentional community, just to mention a few. The core community is super welcoming and friendly with lots of other people coming and going making each day different and never a dull moment. The place itself is beautiful and I look forward to coming back soon. Highly recommend this place!!

7 meses atrás

OUR respondeu

Christian has been a total delight in OUR team! Jumping in eventually with both feet - he can be trusted to take leadership with organizing, keeping track of what is needed, cooking outrageously great meals....and having the best sense of humour in the process. What great fun this couple is and such a positive impact with everything they put their hand to! Highest recommendations for them both :)

Reino Unido


Myself and my partner spent a month staying at the eco village, it was our first stop in Canada and we are so glad it was. The community is so welcoming and we felt settled very quickly. The village is really well organised with everyone playing their role in keeping things going. We learnt so much throughout our stay including how to live more sustainably, permaculture, building, animal care and living within a community. Everyday was different and tasks ranged from helping with school trips to working in the kitchen and on the farm. We had the best time and are hoping to return very soon!

7 meses atrás

OUR respondeu

What an outstanding visit and secretly perhaps one of OUR most favorite couples in the last few years! Tabitha is so engaging,detailer, optimistic and has a great sense of humour to meet almost any situation that comes along ~
With a great spirit towards building positive environments...she has everyone smiling and can shift the energy on a team in such helpful ways. Additionally, she has mad skills with whatever she puts her hands to seemingly and an interest to learn whatever is new. Top-notch recommendation for all others who are so lucky as to have this great couple jump in with you, your family and/or your project!

so grateful to have met and worked with you both :)



The eco village. the eco village is a special, wonderful place. Nowhere have I seen somewhere with this level of commitment to a better future. The place and the team feel grounding in the reality of our changing world : sustainability, community and peacemaking feel at the heart of every day spent on site. There is wonderful care and attention put into the space. It felt wonderful to learn about decisionmaking, fluid teamwork, management of unexpected situations, natural building, permaculture, animal husbandry, education and life in general during my stay. Would 100% recommend to eco minded adventurers!

8 meses atrás

OUR respondeu

What an outstanding and full-of-care human being! - this young has a most inquisitive and honest way of bringing together a connection with individuals and groups alike. He is an asset to any project he takes on, will follow through, and is plenty skilled. He has a POWERFUL way of bringing himself into the journey with others and himself....we highly recommend him to join your place/project/family as a most wonderful contribution to any space he chooses to share himself with :)

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Esse anfitrião recebe muitos worldpackers e tem uma média alta de avaliações.
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