• Age: 31
  • Nationality: United Kingdom
  • Languages: Spanish and English


  • English
  • Spanish


I'm an expert!
  • Bartending
  • Content Writer
  • Reception
  • Teaching Languages
Some experience
  • Administration
  • Cooking
  • Farming
  • Gardening
  • Building & Repairing
  • Kitchen Hand
  • Night Shift
  • Painting & Decorating
  • Social Media
  • Web Developer

About me as an author

I’m a passionate believer in ultra-slow travel, travel therapy and self discovery, and I believe that every experience can be used for good. My next project is to move into a motorhome so that I can travel full time as I write, yay! Me in six words: Peace. Solitude. Yoga. Cheese. Art galleries.

Social media



So, for my higher education I did two years of astronomy followed by a four year degree in Hispanic Studies at the University of Kent in the UK. I had a year abroad as part of my degree and I went to study for a term in Uruguay and Chile. Amazing experiences!

I'm now finishing a Masters in The Contemporary, also at the University of Kent (but geographically in Paris!).

Work experience

Where to begin!? I'll have to give you the abridged version or we'll be here all day. I've done a fair bit. My first job was sweeping the floor of a church, can't say it was too fun. Then there were charity shops, cafes, bars, restaurants. I did a stint farming in the canary islands, and taught English in Cuba as part of an internship. Gap year in rural Thailand teaching English. I've been a receptionist in hostels, security for a documentary being filmed, built libraries and ran entrepreneurship classes in La Esperanza, Honduras . Oh, and I worked in a winery too! The list does go on, but this gives you a nice starting point.

In terms of more professional work, I've done copywriting, content writing, marketing. Creating web copy, branding guidelines and templates, SEO optimized stuff, creative consultancy. Taught myself how to make websites, then I built one.

Now I have a freelancing travel writing business, and I think this is going to last for a while. It's perfect for my lifestyle and it will evolve along with me. I love it!

Travel experience

Falling in love in Mexico City is my number one travel experience. Nothing beats a whirlwind romance, it's what I was built for. Next, we have:

Hitchhiking across Cuba!

Hitchhiking across Patagonia!

Carnaval in Rio, Carnaval in Santiago de Cuba (surreal!), visiting family in Mauritius, going to Singapore. Oh, I also hitchhiked across Jordan and went to Petra! Ah, and the Northern Lights too in Norway, that was a blast. Living in Valparaíso was a very special experience. I like living in different places, it gives you such a cool feel for where you are.

There are many more, but these are the ones that really spring to mind.