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  • Age: 34
  • Nationality: Argentina
  • Languages: English and Spanish

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Viajar haciendo voluntariados me ayudó en mi profesión: mi experiencia en Nueva Zelanda


Cómo viajar barato por Australia: itinerarios, consejos y demás



Argentinean solo female traveler backpacking the world since 2012. I travel slow, light (backpack wise; food wise, I definitely not travel light at all), and I try to live and work in as many countries as I can. The best way to immerse yourself in a culture is to live like a local! Come join me on my adventures!


  • English
  • Spanish


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  • Animal Care
  • Cleaning
  • Content Writer
  • Farming
  • Housekeeping
  • Social Media
  • Teaching Languages
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  • Gardening
  • Party Promoter
  • Photography
  • Reception
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  • Arts
  • Cooking
  • Teaching Sports
  • Tour Guide
  • Video Making



I studied English to Spanish Translation in Argentina. And I currently work as a travel writer and content creator.

Work Experience

I have worked in different countries doing all sort of jobs. From farming, to cleaning, housekeeping, pet sitting, and factory work as well.

Travel Experience

I have been traveling and backpacking around the world since 2012. I have lived and worked in New Zealand, Australia, UK, and South Korea. And I have traveled around Europe and Asia.