Get to know the differences between Worldpackers and other volunteer platforms

Check out what really sets us apart and why we’re the best choice to help your project make progress!


If you just joined our platform, you must be wondering, why should I use Worldpackers to recruit volunteers and not other alternatives, right?

Among so many available options, we’re sure that no other offers as many benefits and functionalities for hosts as Worldpackers, especially when it comes to finding volunteers. Below, we’ve listed some very important differences for hosts that help to make our volunteer community the most impactful in the world!

Hosts pay nothing

Worldpackers is free for hosts who are aligned with our mission and community. If you still haven’t completed your host profile, just click here.

Exclusive app for hosts

In addition to our website, we have an exclusive mobile app for hosts to use on their phones and tablets, giving you easier access to communication with volunteers and managing your profile. Available for iOS and Android.

Unlimited customizable volunteer positions

As opposed to other platforms, with Worldpackers you create a profile for your project and can add as many customizable positions as you like. Each position offers options such as skills, shifts, your offer, requirements, unavailable dates, and other items that you can adjust based on your needs, filtering specific volunteers for each position before they even apply.

For example, you can request more hours of help for one position than another, require shorter or longer stays, block out certain dates for one specific position... And all of this is organized in the same profile!

Targeted applications of higher quality

Our application system guarantees that hosts know right away what specific tasks volunteers are applying for, their dates of interest, what skills they possess, and a brief history of them as worldpackers. Also, you can create custom screening questions that travelers must answer to be approved, which makes your recruitment process way easier and replaces external forms in an organized way.

Inbox with exclusive tools

At Worldpackers, you have an inbox with various functionalities to assist you in your communication with volunteers. You can exchange voice messages; send files, documents, and videos; save quick message templates to make responding faster and easier; filter applications to keep your inbox clean; and even more. And all this without needing to leave our platform or disclose your personal information (like phone numbers or emails) with volunteers during your recruitment process.

More complete and informative traveler profiles

Traveler profiles contain various types of information to help hosts to select among them, from the most basic such as name, age, and nationality to more in-depth info like language proficiencies, reviews from previous experiences, completed Worldpackers courses, social media links, photos, as well as academic, professional, and travel history.

Additionally, traveler profiles display exclusive badges that indicate their experience in our community based on the reviews they’ve received. All of this to make it easier for hosts to choose great travelers!

Trustworthy review system

Transparency is one of our community’s primary values, which is why our review system is so important: feedback only becomes visible on travelers’ and hosts’ profiles when both parties have written a review, or 15 days after the end of an exchange, avoiding reviews that don’t align with our goal of progress for people and projects involved in the exchanges.

With this format, we make sure that hosts and volunteers have the freedom and peace of mind to be honest about their experience with constructive feedback and no fear of repercussions.

Top Host Program

We have an exclusive program for hosts who really stand out in our community and contribute to our mission of democratizing travel around the world. Hosts who meet our criteria earn a special badge on their profile, are featured in an exclusive filter on our search page for volunteers, and get a personalized referral code to help grow our community and even earn a commission for it!

Specialized support, seven days a week

Worldpackers hosts have access to a specialized support team for help with our services, platform usage, and exchanges. In addition to our comprehensive Help Center, our team is active every day of the year to make sure your needs are met as fast as possible. To get help, just search for the option that best describes your issue here.

Hosts Academy

Worldpackers hosts have access to exclusive content collections (like the one that you’re reading right now!) that address various topics related to volunteering, and how to use our platform to have the most success on your journey. Take a look through our collections and check out all of our available content!

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