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First, to enjoy the experience of living primarily outdoors in the desert air, as well as dwelling in an earthbag room. You will also love to volunteer if you are interested in learning about desert plant cultivation by growing, composting, creating humanure and experimental building techniques guided by the resources available. It helps if you find humor in life and ask a lot of questions.

Jeanne Ruquoi, our founder & proprietor is a duel citizen of the US & Belgium spending March-July with us at 3 Moons. As a painter and visionary, she is wonderful to learn from and get to know. Currently myself, Lafae, and Divina are caretaking and organizing projects which are usually decided upon based on weather and priority. As a volunteer you agree to working with us for 5/6 hours a day, 25 hours per week. For meals, generally breakfast is prepared individually, lunch and dinner is on a rotating cooking schedule where one of us prepares for the group. Groceries are provided. Our kitchen is outdoors with the options of a stove top, wood fire stove top and solar oven. Shower and bathroom are outdoors, with solar heated water. Evenings and days off work, you are able to relax and enjoy the space how you like, hike within our creosote valley, or journey with one of us into nearby Pahrump for supplies & laundry, possibly an impromptu bowling or karaoke night. Visiting China Ranch Date Farm, Death Valley Brewery, Kit Fox Cafe and the amazing mineral hot springs in Tecopa is often a day trip for volunteers who stay for more than a week.


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I went to 3 Moons Project to connect with nature in a place that doesn't have as much stress and intensity as the usual fast-paced lifestyle, and that's exactly what I got! Living off-grid in a beautiful rural area allowed me to slow down, and the work allowed me to focus on hands-on work in quite a therapeutic way. Lafae was extremely understanding and accommodating, ensuring I was comfortable and had a great experience, and took me to some great places like the hot springs, a date farm, and a canyon. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversations and time together :)

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I was embraced with appreciation and kindness from the moment Lafae and Divina picked me up at the airport. 10 days at three Moons was definitely not enough! They where always very aware of my needs and made sure that I had everything I needed. The work was easy, 5-6 hours a day, and I had a lot of fun working with mud and learn about the sand domes. We went to the hot springs and hiked in the weekend and I enjoyed every minute.
This is for anyone that wants to try a unique experience in the desert with lovely people in a great and safe space!

Thank you, Lafae and Divina for everything<3

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Lafae respondido

Likewise Rosa! Thank you for sharing your joyful charm with us. Wishing you success with the rest of your travels and beyond.

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