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We are family. That´s the vibe we try to create with the guests and volunteers. We are always open to recieve advice in how improve. We offer a very nice room with other volunteers, a family from all over the wolrd.

We are a team. We are always trying to support each other and be helpfull. We are looking for volunteers to cover reception shifts, an outgoing and responsible person ready to enjoy Barcelona.

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Costa Rica


Una experiencia que me cambió la vida! Conocí demasiadas personas que ahora son parte de mi familia. Gracias especiales a Guada por ser una host increíble :)

hace 2 meses



Melhor luger e staff!! Saudades de todo s

hace 3 meses

Guadalupe respondido

Muchas gracias Nico! Excelente tu trabajo, desempeño y energía!
Saludos de parte de Juan y Guada.



La experiencia fue excelente , los mánager muy claros y sencillos en lo que necesitan por parte del voluntario. Los turnos y tareas son de recepción y para nada complicadas. Además el resto del staff es super amigable y uno termina por convertirse en una gran familia. Muchas gracias por todo 🙌🏼🙌🏼🧉🍻🫶🏼🫶🏼

hace 4 meses



A huge thanks to the whole team who made me feel at home. I got to meet so many amazing people. The night shifts were easy & you get free dinner/ tours, it's pretty chill. The only downside is that I was sleeping in a very small storage room without a window and with 4 other volunteers. I got sick so many times & I got a virus in my lungs at some point; I complained but the manager didn't do anything. I couldn't enjoy the city or do the night shifts in good health because I was always sick. There's definitely a disconnection between the managers & the volunteers, otherwise it's a great place.

hace 4 meses



Amazing hostel with amazing people, I felt at home! You can practice languages as you are in touch with a lot of travellers from all over the world! The work is not difficult and you can have a really good time with all the people and have a lot of cultural exchanges
Highly recommended! ✨

hace 6 meses

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