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Kaixo! Ongi etorri to San Sebastian, a beautiful city filled with culture, amazing food, beautiful beaches, surfing and nightlife. Our Hostel is located in the heart of San Sebastian. A really nice and chill out ambience where you get to spend time meeting travellers from all over the world coming here with the idea of exploring what the Basque country has to offer. Learn about tourism, enjoy San Sebastian, great food, nature and surfing. Improve and practice your spanish. Meet people from all over the world and have fun in the city! We believe in providing a positive, lively atmosphere for a variety of people looking for the best possible experience in their travels. This goal is aimed towards our guests AND our volunteers. We are looking for help in the hostel. Contact us for details. Cheers!

Enjoy San Sebastian as and join us TODAY! We are interested in people eager to stay minimum of 6-12 weeks, english and spanish speaking preferably. We will provide you with a lovely room shared with one person (volunteer). You will also have access to a private kitchen used only by our family of volunteers! The work time is 3 shifts of 8 hours peer week. The schedule is very flexible and its made with 3 days of anticipation to arrange the free time.

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One of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve ever had. I learned a lot from my work and the staff members. I recommend A Room In The City a 100%, if you are a mature and responsible person ready to learn things to apply in your personal and professional life, this is the place for you. I wanna thank everyone who has made this amazing journey the happiest !! /// oh and of course you have loooooooads of fun too.

17 días atrás


some("Increíble experiencia y lugar. Muy buena gente y energía. Lo recomiendo!! ")

1 mes atrás


The experience was really good! The work in the reception is super organized, the people are very welcoming and the city is amazing! Unfortunately, I had to leave earlier than expected but it was a great experience! I totally recommend it :)

1 mes atrás


Fué mi primera experiencia como voluntaria y la pasé increíble. Nunca había trabajado en un Hostel o en recepción pero mis compañeros hicieron hicieron que aprenda en corto tiempo y si tenia alguna pregunta estaban ellos para ayudarme y Martín que es el q del equipo.
El grupo de voluntarios son de todas partes y es enriquecedor aprender sobre sus costumbres o escuchar las aventuras que tuvieron en voluntariados pasados.
El Hostel tiene una onda juvenil y hay eventos como conciertos o obras de teatro donde los voluntarios tenemos acceso gratis.
Lo recomiendo 👌

2 meses atrás


Fue una experiencia excelente. 3 meses de convivencia con personas de diversas nacionalidades, donde pude además de practicar mi español, hacer grandes amigos!!
San Sebastián es una ciudad increíble en el verano.
Gracias Martín y a todos por eso, vos extrañaré muchísimo!!

3 meses atrás

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