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We've moved to our new land just a year and a half ago near the forest mountains,30km east of Chiang Mai city. Having lived in the city but traveled a lot, we are now settling down and try to grow our own food, medicinal plants, building wooden houses, making our own cleaning products, etc. My husband is a Turkish pharmacist and I'm a Thai graphic designer and yoga teacher, learning about Thai herbal medicine. Our son is an energetic 5 year-old boy and our carpenter friend is staying with us at the moment. If you're interested in wooden building, organic farming, Thai cooking, and yoga, you're welcome to stay with us. There are bamboo bungalows and private wooden rooms for our volunteers . Our place is also close to San Kamphaeng Hot Springs, Muang On cave, Crazy Horse rock climbing, etc. We would like to ask for some food ''Donations'' for 3 healty meals from July onwards once the wooden houses are finished and the work is getting easier.Please ask for the amount of food donation becasue our food harvest will depend on the season and of course our success.So for now we cant grow enough food yet as beginners and have to buy from outside together.Our comfortable wooden and bungalow rooms ( mostly private rooms), yoga classes ,limitless wifi ,laundry,an old bicycle,water & other drinks, and a fridge always ready with fruits etc..are free for short term volunteers..And for long term volunteers we provide everything including all 3 meals a day for free too .Because we recieve more efficient help from them.Please ask details for volunteering long term in our farm. And besides the all work, we enjoy our time with sharing our knowledges&experiences with volunteers together.For a better planet for more real life, and free & independent future..

We are a small family with a 5 year-old boy with some friends. In our past life (city life), we were pharmacist, graphic designer, photographer, etc. Volunteers will be treated as our friends. We speak English, Thai, Turkish and the little boy can speak some Chinese.

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This was my first experience with world packers as well as my first volunteering in a farm. I don't have words to explain how much I learned about life and about permaculture in just a short time. I met a lot of awesome people. Suha and his family were the best! and made us feel at home right away. The work is not to hard and I had a lot of free time to explore the area.

11 horas atrás


I've spent 12 days on this awesome farm but it was not enough! The poeple are so nice, i had so much fun. The food was so good, i learned a lot and everybody helped the others. We were a good team! The work was not to difficult, sometimes a little bit exhausting but not for a long time and it was good to work and feel usefull after a few weeks just travelling. My highlights were the rock climbing, the hike and the funny nights together. Thank you Suha for everything, i'll come back!

3 días atrás


It was my first worldpacker experience and i absolutely loved it! Suha & Sara are the best and they treat you like part of the family! If you want a real and natural thailand experience this is the place. Work was easy and the schedule is so flexible, also the food was amazing! Totally recommend this place and i hope to get back!

1 mes atrás


Akirah garden was my first work experience. Definitely best place where to start your journey. Sara and Suha are more like a family. Their knowledge of organic farming and nature friendly lifestyle is amazing. Work tasks were explained properly and nothing difficult. Also you will have a lot of free time for enjoying the nature and surrounding. Really peaceful location. Learned how to make delicious foods with simple vegetables and rice/. Also Sara's banana bread is amazingly good. In the mornings you can participate in yoga classes, as Sara is amazing teacher. I will definitely come back!

3 meses atrás


I really enjoyed my stay. The place is really amazing and the family that hosted me is just spectacular, really nice people. Suha taught me a lot about farming and worked together to build a structure. If you need a day off, you can rent a motorcycle for a really cheap price and Suha told me awesome spots to visit. I definitely recommend!

3 meses atrás

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