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I really enjoyed my stay at Arabas! The other volunteers were absolutely wonderful and the people who stayed there were all lovely. The tasks were simple and easy to manage. Thessaloniki is a calm city with lots of coffee shops and bars ( but no clubs).
The only thing I had notes on was the food. It was bread, slices of cheese, and slices of meat- nothing else. It often left the me and the other volunteers feeling more hungry after eating because it was so un-filling. It left us feeling a bit food insecure.
Over all I loved my time there and will hold it in good memories.

hace 2 meses



It was an amazing experience, the hostel was great and a perfect opportunity to meet people, connecting with travelers and others volunteers, I had a great time over there, the location is 15/20 min walking from the city center and there is always something to do and beautiful beaches around you just need to take the bus.
Kosta is a great guy, he isn't all time at the hostel but you have other volunteers and the staffs, the ones I a get a connection and made me feel home.
I really recommend this opportunity and totally would come back!!!

hace 5 meses



Hostel Arabas is a beautiful hostel. Unfortunately their was a lockdown when I came so I had to go back home. But even in the lockdown there was enough to do but not for a month. I wish Kosta the best and again thanks for the stay!

hace casi 3 años