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Aside from helping us with the dogs, this is a great place to spend some time. There is so much to do with free time in and around the town, you're truly spoilt for choice. It is a ski resort in the winter and a hiking/cycling area in the summer. It's a popular base for digital nomads who organise lots of activities daily. Whether you want to take up salsa dancing, visit hot spring spas, learn to ski, join crafting groups, find gym buddies, visit monasteries, join walking tours, try rock climbing, engage with entrepreneurs you can easily do it all here!

The shelter is in easy walking distance of a main street with trendy cafes and restaurants. It's easy to get around Bansko on foot. Buses run from here to other main tourist areas such as Plovdiv and Sofia, other areas are more accessible by car.

This is a volunteer run charity in Bansko, Bulgaria. Initially we were caring for street dogs in abandoned buildings and on the streets, looking after their medical needs and feeding them. The opportunity arose a year ago to rent some space to give shelter to vulnerable puppies, to take care of their medical and everyday needs. Currently we look after the dogs in the shelter whilst looking for their forever homes. We have a small network of fostererers, both in Bansko and in the UK Additionally we continue with the work of neutering street dogs and providing feeding stations for them around town. Alongside this we focus on education, and BSD juniors came into being a year ago at the local school. They visit the shelter to spend time with the dogs and also do fundraising events with us. We all continue to volunteer and do the best we can for these dogs ... if you join us and are the same we will love you as much as the dogs do! We treat all volunteers as we want to be treated ourselves ... you're welcome to join on social events etc or keep to yourself, whatever you need you only have to ask

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The dogs are the cutest <3 and I really love how the dogs live at the shelter! Sarah and Co work really hard to give streetdogs a better life and I admire that. For me it was sometimes difficult that there’s a lot to consider and for example cleaning task have to be fulfilled in a certain way. Normally there were several messages in the WhatsApp group per day about what was not up to the expectations. But I did not have the chance to talk to Sarah about that as I fell sick and had to leave earlier. I think Sarah is so you can talk to and there’s a lot you can learn from her. =]

hace 6 días

Sarah respondido

We know cleaning isn't a glamorous task but it's an absolute necessity to ensure things don't get missed, so the dogs stay healthy and live as well as they can whilst with us. Everyone learns at different rates, but thankfully we're back on top with everyone cleaning to the same standards - there will always be ups and down, but we'll always strive to keep things the best we can for the dogs here.
I wish we'd had time together also Maarit, am sure there would have been learning each way (and fun too, training the dogs and forest walks are awesome!) but obviously health comes first. Hope you're fully recovered now 😁

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Absolutely amazing, you can feel the care and love put into it, Sarah is fantastic, very understanding and real. All the local volunteers are chill, going into it with the expectation of learning and working hard and it is so so much fun! Sometimes cold and wet - but great fun! Hope to revisit!

hace 11 días

Sarah respondido

Glad you had fun! Thanks for your time and help here Rose, appreciate it ... Safe travels on 😁



Loved my time in Bansko, the shelter is pretty organized, the city is beautiful and all the dogs are true sweethearts. The work being done by Sarah, Chris and Nik is admirable and you can see how well liked they are by the dogs. I would definitely recommend volunteering with them.
A huge thanks to the Bansko Street Dogs team and to the amazing volunteers that shared this experience with me.

hace 26 días

Sarah respondido

Thanks so much Julia, we appreciate these kind words ❤️



I spent a wonderful time in Bansko, I met lovely people and lovely dogs!
I was glad to volunteer there and to give a hand for theses dogs.
The schedule is always respected and the tasks are very easy, you just need to focus and to be serious.
Bansko is a beautiful place, I definitely recommend it a lot!
Thank you BSD team ⭐️

hace 28 días

Sarah respondido

Thanks so much Hugo, was great to meet you!



I loved my time in bansko. The dogs are so sweet and Sarah, Chris and Nick great people. They care a lot about the dogs and do great work. They also take really good care of the volunteers and are just lovely people. I will definitely come back and stay for a longer period of time, one month didn’t feel enough at all. Bansko started to feel like a home away from home ❤️

hace 29 días

Sarah respondido

It's amazing how a month sounds such a lot, and then flies past in the blink of an eye! Hope you settle well in Scotland, Manchee says Hi ❤️

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