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Our place is a rare rural healing place. There are also many guests who stay for a long time. The reason is that many people come to feel nature and relax away from the city center. Travelers will be satisfied, and not only will they be able to volunteer, but they will also be able to relax and find leisure in their lives.

What is the main task that they will contribute? A. Organizing and cleaning guests' rooms, organizing garbage dumps, managing gardens, organizing desks and chairs in front of the swimming pool, and receiving guests if they speak Korean well.And collecting garbage and loading it into trucks Have you planned the shift hours or the day offs? A.Of course. There will be days off because there are not many customers every day, and there will be a lot of free time because there is not much work. What do you expect from them? A.We want our place to be more active with the division of work, and to be clean and clean, so that our guests are not uncomfortable. I hope it will be a harmonious place to build relationships with customers. Are you willing to teach them basic tasks? Or do you require any previous experience or notion? There is already a cleaning staff here who can speak English and Filipino perfectly. She has worked for two years and will teach you a list of things to work on. There will be no difficulty in communicating, and she is so kind that she can learn even if she makes mistakes. Do you have a team member who will guide them? There's a cleaning staff and a boss. The boss will share the overall role and tell you about the work.


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I unfort. got sick and had to leave earlier, but it was still a good experience. The host was very kind and tried to help me in any way she could, bringing me food and taking me out for lunch.
You‘ll sleep in one of the tents (which has a bed, a private bathroom and a small kitchen though). Also, I was the only volunteer at that time (April), and I was alone on the site for most of the time. This might be different in Summer. The work (cleaning tents) is easy but a bit monotonous.
I‘d recommend this place if you love nature and being outside and don‘t have a problem with being on your own.

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bongs respondido

Thank you just for coming! I'm sorry you left because you were sick 🥲 But you cleaned well and there were no complaints from customers! Hope to see you again next time!



I stayed for a 1 month and I can say that it was a very nice experience to work with So-i and Grace at the Glamping. The place is great to get in touch with local people and nature. The work is about 4 hours per day. It’s easy and depends on how many customers are coming in daily. The room is very comfortable with your own kitchen and bathroom.
I recommend it if you want to spend a nice time away from the city, surrounded by nature and where you can learn more about Korean culture or improve your Korean.
Thank you for making me feel at home ^^

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