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Somos uma equipe pequena mas motivada. O projeto é recente e recebemos pessoas de vários países. Temos um ambiente familiar e intimista, muito próprio do conceito de bistro.

A nossa equipe é constituída pela Carla e Fernanda (ajudantes de cozinha), o Lucas (chefe de sala), o João (que trata das compras e ajuda com tudo o resto), o Gene e o Rui (que tratam da nossa horta e relvado), a Anália (que ajuda nas limpezas), a Eunice (que faz os bolos) e eu (que cozinho e faço o que é preciso). Também temos vários amigos que vão dando uma ajuda no que é necessário (a Ruth, a D. Maria, etc).


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2 otherworldly intense months 🤩My goals were all ticked 🥳1. Practised Portuguese by befriending the locals & adapting to their culture ✅2. Sustained my travel to an exotic island without touching my savings✅3. Cooked delicious local recipes that I shared with my mom who's a chef✅4. Connected with the wild Atlantic🐋✅I gave lots of ideas that were welcomed making me feel valued and part of the team. Rita patiently taught me how to cook 👩‍🍳 Work is indeed very fast paced but I enjoyed the end result of a celebrated plate made by team work. A transformative experience 🌻Thank you everyone 🤍

hace 10 meses

Rita respondido

Thank you Lorela for having been a part of our team and for having shared a part of your culture and customs. You were a real valuable asset for our Bistro and you will be our Alice wonderland :)



Rita is a hardworking and independent woman, this experience allowed me to meet excellent people, unfortunately I did not feel fully respected as a volunteer, I did not have a comfortable space to sleep and several of the premises stipulated in the application were not met,it was an experience full of learning in which I had very low moments(Due to communication with the host), unfortunately despite the postive I do not recommend it to anyone ( the island is greattt tho)

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I don't recommend this place to volunteer.  They are not prepared enough to host volunteers because the work is not clear, they don't train you and then they yell at you for doing it wrong, and they have a huge lack of communication, so everybody is very lost in their work. They expect you to do more than you are supposed to and if you don't do it they make disgust faces. Even when I had a talk with the owner she got mad at me and treated me as a lier, then she ignored me, so I left the volunteering a few days earlier and she didn't say bye. I really hope no one goes through the same situation

hace 10 meses

Rita respondido

Dear Trini,

Thank you for your feedback.

It is very valuable for us in improving our volunteer placement since this is our first time doing this experience.

The work of any restaurant and guest house, especially a startup in a high season is normal to be fast paced and demanding for the full time staff, including me, resulting in stressed facial expressions. I am sorry that this may have been overwhelming for you, I assumed it was not since you asked me to work some extra paid hours. We tried all we could with the information we had at the time to make you feel welcomed. Giving you space to cook your national dishes and express your culture was a part of that and I would like to thank you for the delicious recipes you shared. I agree that there were communication issues from both sides and wish this experience would have been more smooth for all of us. Thank you for sharing your point of view.

As I already told you in person when you informed in short notice of leaving the placement, I wish you all the best in your future endevours.

Warm Regards,
C - Bistro Team

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