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As a volunteer in the desert, they experience in the first line the way of living as Bedouin and the way that we cook, make tea, get the water, etc... The experience that a Volunteer isn't compared to the experience of a Tourist.... plus they will stay more time with the Bedouin family and see closer our costumes, music, etc.

This is a Bedouin business family and we have shared with tourists since always. We love the people that come and visit us in Wadi Rum and we love the way they are amazed by our culture and the landscapes. We like to share our stories and listen to their stories and experiences too. This takes us to treat everyone with us as a family and provide them as well all the information that they need to get here safe and to travel around Jordan in the best way.


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I don't have enough words to thank this guys for everything. I will miss everyone and everything we did, the food, playing Uno with the guests, dancing every night, taking care of the camels, the riddles. It was amazing. They make you feel like home. If you have any doubt or questions, they will tell you what and how to do it, the tasks were not hard at all and you have plenty of free time during the day and in the evening you get to prepare everything for the guests arrival and enjoy the night with this amazing brothers. I will definitely come back in the future. شكراً

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Had a great time at the camp for 2 weeks, Raed and all his family were very welcoming and friendly. The area is beautiful, life in camp is very relaxed, the food was delicious and tasks were simple and easy. Lots of people come through the camp every few days so it's easy to meet people from all over the world. Highly recommend

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Raed respondido

It's so great to hear that you had an amazing time at the camp! And don't even get me started on the stunning scenery and relaxed atmosphere. It's like a whole other world out there!

We're thrilled to hear that you enjoyed the food - it's definitely one of our highlights, too! And we're glad that the tasks were easy-peasy for you. We want our volunteers to enjoy themselves and have a good time, after all.

And you're totally right about the people coming through camp - it's like a little melting pot of cultures and experiences. We love that about it.

Thanks so much for volunteering with us, Sam! We hope to see you back here soon for more camel adventures and good times.




This was my first Worldpackers experience and it was absolutely amazing! Upon arriving, I was immediately welcomed and treated like family by Raed and his brothers. The work is straightforward and simple so there is quite a lot of downtime for me to explore and take in the beauty of the desert. Working here also gave me an opportunity to interact and build relationships with the locals as well as travellers from all over the world.

Thank you Raed!

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Raed respondido

Wow, we are so thrilled to hear that your first Worldpackers experience with us was an absolute blast! It's amazing to know that you felt immediately welcomed and treated like family upon your arrival. We always strive to make our volunteers feel at home, so it's great to hear that our efforts paid off!

We're glad that you found the work to be straightforward and simple, giving you plenty of downtime to explore and take in the breathtaking beauty of the desert. It's definitely one of the perks of staying with us! Plus, we're so happy that you had the opportunity to interact and build relationships with both the locals and other travelers from around the globe. It's always a pleasure to connect with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

It's always heartwarming to know that our volunteers form strong connections with our staff and other volunteers during their stay. We hope that you'll be able to visit us again soon and reconnect with your Wadi Rum family!

Thank you so much for your kind words and for being a part of our community. We wish you all the best on your future travels and adventures!

Best regards,



I spent two weeks inthe camp. Since when I am arrived they make me feel part of the family. The work is not hard, and you have time to chill, relax and explore the desert. During the night there are usually many tourists, and we spent the evenigs all together playing cards around the fire, dancing beduin typical dances and watching the stars. During my volunteering I also joined a jeep tour and I went to watch a Camel race. I can say itn was the best experience I had in Jordan! Thank you again Raead and to all of your family!

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Raed respondido

it's so awesome to hear that you had an amazing time at our camp. We loved having you here and you really became a part of our family. I'm glad you found the work easy, we try to make it as relaxed as possible so our volunteers can also have time to explore and chill in the desert.

Our evening activities are always lit, right? Dancing and playing cards around the fire, gazing at the stars, it's all a vibe. I'm happy you had the chance to experience some Bedouin culture, and I hope you have some new moves to show off when you get back home.

And jeep tours and camel races? Hell yeah, that's what I'm talking about! It's great to hear that you enjoyed them as much as we do. We always want our volunteers to have the best experience in Jordan, and it looks like we succeeded with you.

Thanks so much for your kind words and for being a part of our Wadi Rum Magic Nature Camp family. Love you too, man! Come back and visit us soon, we'll keep the fire burning for you.

Raead and the whole family



I had the best time volunteering with the guys at Wadi Rum! Raed and his brothers were so lovely and hospitable - we had delicious meals provided every day and a comfy bed to sleep in. The work was easily manageable and I got to join a jeep tour of the desert and sleep under the stars. Shukran Raed for an amazing experience!

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