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If you are interested in real Spanish culture and living like a local then this is for you. Otherwise, you will be more suited to somewhere busier and may find it too quiet.

It is not isolated and has a few bars and restaurants in the village, with more to explore in the nearby towns. But it is quiet, rural and relaxing.

If you want lots of people and bars, shops, special dietary foods in the village, then this won't be suitable. But you can get to famous Ronda in 45 minutes by bus and if we are not completely full of guests, happy to take you on a trip to Cadiz. Any excuse to go!

The region is one of the sunniest parts of Spain. Lots of winter sunshine too. The house is heated in winter and very comfortable.

Steve is a photographer and Dawn is in Marketing. We both love walking and exploring. We are sociable and enjoy meeting new people. We like to cook and provide very comfortable stays. We are happy to be sociable and take volunteers out when we have time. But we also need our own space and time therefore need people to also be very independent.

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Emma and I unfortunately had to leave earlier because we didn’t get along with Dawn very well. We tried to talk to her to tell her that we didn’t feel welcomed. But she just said that we would overreact, that our behaviour is ridiculous and that there is no time to deal with two emotional little kids. Moreover we had to clean and handwash after every meal for all of us, but the actual deal was communicated differently. Friendly communication was a main problem, not the tasks! There are even more things to mention, just text us!! Steve however was very welcoming and friendly the whole time!

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I came there together with Sophia, we originally planned on staying for two weeks but left after only three days. Steve was very welcoming and nice, was always interested and cared about our well-being. However, we didn’t get along well with Dawn, she wasn’t very friendly, her way of communicating was very harsh/rude. When we tried to talk to her about it, she was gaslighting us and telling us we were too sensitive for being volunteers. Also we felt like our privacy wasn’t respected since they sometimes just came into our room, even when we weren’t there. Just text us for more information!

hace 12 días



This was a good experience and I would definitely recommend it to everyone who likes nature and being further away from crowds. Keep in mind that the village is far away from pretty much everything, so if you like being under people a lot this probably isn’t something for you. It also helps if you are able to speak Spanish, not a must since we werent able to either
The work is easy and exactly what aggred upon. Normally you walk the dogs from 8.30 to 9.30 and after a quick break you start taking care of the rooms or water the plants around the house until 1.30 (often you finish even earlier)

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Steve was a very welcoming and helpful host! All tasks were manageable and as agreed upon. The scenery is beautiful! Perfect for worldpackers looking for an escape from the city and remote experience!

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It's a quiet place, I loved all the times I sat on the bench in the Plaza to draw, write and read while the local children played. The views you see when you go hiking in the late afternoon or take the lovely dogs for a walk are wonderful and the town of Ronda is beautiful (it is worth mentioning that there is only one bus a day to go and return.) The people of the village are friendly and I was able to practise my Spanish with them.
Steve and Dawn always made mealtimes fun times to chat and listen to their stories. I was able to practise English with them and the other worldpackers <3

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