We are looking for a helper interested in staying a couple of months or more preferably, but one month is also possible. We now have a helper for May, June and July. We are not yet sure about August but will let helpers know if we need help then. We definitely are interested in help during October, December and January 2024.
We live on the Sunshine Coast in BC Canada. The view from our property is spectacular, the ocean, mountains and islands are magical. You can rent a kayak and explore the islands nearby. We live in an area with many artists, writers and lots of cultural events. The hiking is fantastic and there are many beaches for swimming as well as lakes. It's a great location if you love nature, hiking, swimming, kayaking, and attending outdoor concerts and the Writer's Festival.

I have been living in Gibsons, BC, Canada for over 39 years. I am an ESL teacher so I would be glad to help you with any language improvement. I love hiking, photography, swimming, and adventures. I would be glad to show you some beautiful trails with great views. I am also a fiber artist with a small studio and enjoy sharing my silk painting skills. My husband crossed the Atlantic using celestial navigation many years ago. He is a mariner, math teacher and has terrific stories to tell about his life at sea. He does have cancer now and is slowing down. His vision is worsening as is his mobility but he can still get to the greenhouse and has a little garden doing well. We treat our volunteers with respect, clear communication, and our goal is for everyone to get along and enjoy life. Warmest Greetings, Evi and Ivan


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Evi and Ivan are a wonderful couple, as well as amazing individuals. They made me feel at home right from the start. They are both independent, lovely and caring persons.
They have tons of stories to share of both their couple experiences and their own.
I couldn't think of a better place to stay if you are looking to visit Gibson, or would love to meet locals.
Evi took me on hikes with her and her group on Fridays, and also took me with her most of the time when she wanted to go on a walk or to the beach.

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Orlane was a wonderful guest and volunteer. She is a thoughtful person, considerate and helpful. She enjoyed listening to Ivan's stories (even if he told them twice or more!) and reminded him to take his cane or walker when he went out.
She helped keep the garden thriving and educated us about France and many other things. She helped us both with our computer and internet problems and was always happy to make useful suggestions. She is a kind person, confident and organized. She has a lot of patience and was a joy to have on our group hikes.
I hope we meet again. We miss her already!

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