Copenhagen Downtown Hostel

We are proud to call ourselves a great hostel. Smack bang in the city centre with 35 staff members from all over the world, both full time, part-time and managers. Our volunteers with being part of a family, have fun, enjoy the city, party, play games, learn better English, experience big events and connect with other people.

Everyone is the same, no matter where they are from, who they are, what skills or jobs they had before. Everyone is welcome with us. All staff gets on really well and are very good and getting new people enganged and feel at home. They all go out together, play games, have un, dance, party, enjoy life together, train and teach each other ;) Its one big familiy


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El hostel está súper bien, trabajas en el bar y conoces a un montón de gente por lo que para practicar inglés está genial!

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I loved staying in the Downtown hostel! It was such an amazing experience and even better than I expected it. Its located on the perfect spot in the city, everything in the centre is within walkable distance and the bar itself is lovley. The staff was probably the best part about staying in Downtown, they were all very very friendly and the atmosphere was always warm and welcoming <3 About usage of facilities and the kitchen; you can use it at almost any given time.Everything else was excatly how it was described on the worldpackers page. I would recommend staying there to anyone :))

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I had a great time downtown, the staff is very nice and you meet people from everywhere.
The hostel is well located in the city and the work required is simple.
The room can be improve (but I guess it s also depends with who you are in the room ) and also we only spend a short time in the bedroom so it is OK.
If you want to party and meet people, go !

hace 2 meses



I really, really enjoyed my stay, everyone was extremely kind and supportive, althought there werent many actual volunteers for a bit, I loved to talk with staff and clients alike, the city is great, althought a bit expencive, there's always something to do, the kitchen is always usable, you just need to ask, there's not an actual training for the new ones, but you'll learn more and more every day thanks to the kind staff.

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I really liked the experience at Copenhagen Downtown Hostel.
The hostel is pretty nice and in a central area of the city.
It has a lot of people from everywhere and at night has karaoke and people from the city, so not just guests.. and the night is till 5am! So yeah it’s a good place to visit and to stay in.
The problem was that only the bed in the shared room was offered, and I think that the help we gave was actually real (serving beers, drinks, coffee, breakfast and selling them), that’s why I decided to leave before my agreed date.
By the way if it’s not a long term stay I recommend ❤️😊

hace 3 meses

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