Cosmopolitan Hostel

Our hostel is located in a busy neighborhood close to the beach. Although, our street is calm and peaceful, surrounded by agreen area in the middle of the big city. We want to make the hostel better, more beautiful, more welcoming and charming and for this we count on you as part of our team to make good changes.

Our hostel is owned by a family, we are very respectful and will be here during this experience. When you travel alone, usually you can feel alone. But at Cosmopolitan we will try our best to be present and eager to help you out the best way as possible. We want everyone staying at Cosmo to feel welcome and surrounded by good people. As a Worldpacker, you'll be located between the neighborhoods of Boa Viagem and Pina! One of the best areas of the city for locals and tourists. You'll find beautiful beaches along the coast, take some tours to explore them, eat at nearby and good restaurants and explore very intense cultural scene in the city. If you explore Recife very well, you can find an amazing city, full of colors, culture and flavors. It is a hidden treasure that will surprise you in the future. If you are interested to meet locals and really live the city life, understand its society and culture, then Recife is a good choice.


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The place is beautiful and people working in the hostel are great. we all quickly became friends. From the very beginning of my adventure with The Cosmopolitan Hostel, Filipe, the manager, has been very helpful. The communication in the hostel is easy, friendly and honest; in my opinion this is exactly what you need to build a successful team. Cosmopolitan creates a special, make a difference" environment, where you can feel good and enjoy the time both at and outside the working hours. They do care for each other and the guests. I would definitely recommend this place to everybody.


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