Elsebråne Farm & Café

We created a space where the simple life can be enjoyed and you are welcome to be yourself. We mean cultural exchange seriously and we want to integrate you in our lives and show you everything. We offer you the opportunity to learn about organic farming, vegetarian restaurant with delicious cuisine, our sustainable values, nontraditional methods, and how to work in a team. Located in an old farm near Karlshamn, we’re building a happy community where authenticity is valued and your participation in this journey is invaluable. We are honored to be a Top-Host and we have been chosen as one of 10 Top-Hosts who can get an award for sustainability 2024.

We dedicate ourselves to sharing our passion for friendship, sustainable living and delicious food and gardening with our volunteers, creating a welcoming environment where everyone can relax close to nature. Learning by doing, growing from experience, building our bodies through hard work, discipline and devotion to using our training, skills and talents. We cook, serve people, clean, prepare cozy Bed & Breakfast rooms, all while we learn how to live sustainable, in a simple beautiful way – of course when you come to us, you will be the one cleaning, cooking, digging etc., how else could you learn? When Summer comes, our garden gets more exciting with visitors from all corners of the world and things get really busy. But this is also the time for you to come and visit.

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I loved my experience at Elsebrane:) Everyone was so welcoming, I felt like I was a part of the household within hours of being there. They encouraged me to explore the surrounding area and helped me with ideas of things to do and resources to get around easier. They are advocates for healthy communication so they regularly checked in to make sure I was comfortable with my stay and workload (everything was wonderful)! If you’re thinking about volunteering here I would certainly recommend it. This was my first experience with Worldpackers and it couldn’t have been any more perfect!

hace 10 días



It was a really good experience!People are amazing, I never tried vegetarian food before I went there and I loved the food there..Its a amazing place if you love to walk and if you like nature, it Will surprise you!everything(in a positive way)

hace 1 mes



Applying to this farm was one of the best decisions of my life. I fell in love with this community and the people there. I always felt welcomed, included, taken care of, and accepted in every way possible. Work is really fun and educational, hours are really respected, and guiding me through it was amazing. 
But just living there, connecting with nature around you, and enjoying everything they have to offer was the best thing. 

I hope I will be back there, and I really recommend this experience to everybody with an open mind. Enjoy it as much as you can 😊

hace 1 mes



My stay at the community was very good, and I honestly havent experienced a closer and more welcoming community than I did at elsebräne. Everyone made sure you were welcome and part of the group from day 1, and I was always invited to activities, whether that would be board games, movies or trips in the nature. The work was also very pleasant, and I had the opportunity to do tasks I had never done before such as painting, planting trees and moving furniture. The food was also very good,homemade and I never went hungry:)

hace 2 meses



I had a wonderful time here! Everyone was kind, friendly and respectful. I learned so much about fruit trees and working on the farm was lots of fun. Work hours were respected, everything was explained really well and I could always ask questions if I had any.

I especially enjoyed playing board and card games with everyone and I loved the food. Especially the fresh baked bread!

I would reccomend this experience to everyone and hope to return someday :)

hace 3 meses

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