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Our Ecolodge is a hidden gem for hiking and relaxation lovers in Paso del Mango, near Minca. We offer three swimming pools, magnificent views over endless forests and river access from the house. There are lots of hikes you can make (short and long, guided or on your own). We also provide yoga classes, massages and farm-to-table meals.

-The lodge is located right within our farm and nature reserve. You will be surrounded by mountains, rivers and forests on every side. – We are committed to social and environmental goals. For example, we are undertaking a tree planting project. Also, all our staff lives in the village nearby and we work with locally manufactured ingredients, often from our own farm. – Important: you will be on a Colombian finca. There is loooots of space and nature on all sides. You will find a peaceful, relaxing and comfortable environment that is hard to find elsewhere.


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Finca Carpe Diem is a beautiful place located in the mountains. You will definitely connect with nature and explore beautiful landscapes. The owners are really kind and open minded. The work isn’t hard and well explained. The volunteers sleep in confortable tents and your needs are well provided. I would recommend this place.

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The Ecolodge Carpe Diem is a very beautiful place in the nature, far away from civilization and really a place to relax and detox. It has 3 wonderful pools where you can spend your free time. The accommodation for volunteers was very cozy and comfortable. Furthermore we had a great social connection between us volunteers. You get 3 good meals a day, that are definitely filling and satisfying and always on time. Furthermore we were allowed to make all the tours, the Finca offers, for free. Nevertheless there is to be mentioned that the work is basically washing the dishes the whole work shift.

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Mi experiencia en carpe diem estuvo muy buena, el lugar es muy lindo, perfecto si buscas conexión con la naturaleza y contigo mismx, te puedes relajar bastante, el lugar es tranquilo y comodo, fue como tener unas vacaciones, hay un rio muy cerca, lugares para explorar, 3 piscinas para disfrutar y tour gratis para hacer, se cumple con las 3 comidas, que son todas ricas y bien preparadas, en cuánto a las tareas, en mi caso mi mayor el intercambio fue en un 80% para lavar platos, ollas y cosas sucias de cocina y bar, pero yo no tengo problemas con esa tarea (pero capaz alguien si) por eso aviso.

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Fue mi primer voluntariado y la verdad que fue lo más genial que he vivido todo el equipo de trabajo son personas maravillosas la Sra Ana de la cocina muy hermosa ,la sra Mary ,Jose ,Daysi,Luis , Brenda y todas personas que trabajan allá muy lindas, si se quieren conectar con la naturaleza y pasar el tiempo en un pequeño paraíso deberían escoger Finca carpe diem .

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My time at Carpe Diem was fantastic. The location is perfect for getting to know nature, as it is surrounded by jungle and mountains. The staff is very accommodating, and even let me use the computer in the reception when I was having trouble with my electronics. The free tours and food were also amazing aswell. I would recommend Carpe Diem to anyone looking to connect with nature.

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