Finca Huaquillo : Café Orgánico

We know that life in cities are stressful and hard for that reason every time we have the chance to "uplugg" from this reality we all do it. Tamborapa is exactly that place, a wonderful corner in the north jungle where you can live and breath the nature far away of the noicy city. This is a beautiful place where you can find waterfalls, rivers, big mountains and nature everywhere. It will be an amazing adventure while you help me and to my family to harvest the coffee and some fruits

I belong to a long and and old coffee grower family. We have around 30 hectares in the middle of the north jungle in Cajamarca and now we are working in 3 of them. My team is my family (parents, brothers and cousins) and we all work there during the time of harvest. We like the spirit of volunteering, so when you are with us you will feel like part of our family. The point of meeting will be in my hometown in Piura. After that we all will go to the Plantation and the trip is the next one: PIURA-HUANCABAMBA (06 hours by bus, $7) HUANCABAMBA-TAMBORAPA (03 hours by car, $7) TAMBORAPA-HUAQUILLO (30 min by car/motocar, $3) HUAQUILLO - FINCA (20 min walking)

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