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The shelter is in the East Part of the Island. It is restful place. People who like climbing, hiking and restful beaches are here normally as tourists.

For us, the volunteers are really important people. Thanks to them, about 100 different type of animals become quality of live. The responsable of the shelter is Belgium, so talks also French, Dutch, English. We listen to ideas from our international team. Really lovely.


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If you're ready to get your hands dirty and put in some work to help out some caring people and lots of animals that desperately need the help, then this is the place for you!!! Anne truly cares about the animals and it's evident that she prioritizes their well-being and helping them in whatever way she can, even with limited resources. She really appreciates any and all help that volunteers can give and was sure to show her appreciation! This place totally needs the help so if you're looking to be surrounded by animals and want to help them, I definitely recommend volunteering here!

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Myrna respondido

Thanks again. The animals and we were very happy with your help.

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