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We are a unique, brightly colored hostel in the Semuc Champey valley, just 500 meters from the National Park. We offer a chill and social vibe with a super highly-rated restaurant, lively bar, and the best facilities in the area (fantastic swimming pool, jacuzzi, cinema, games, book exchange, ping pong table, great hot showers, and WIFI). We also have a private river running through the property. We get guests from all over the world and of all ages, but the majority of our guests (our target market) is early-twenties to mid-thirties. We ask for a minimum commitment of 4 weeks. This way we are able to spend the time training you, and our team can actually benefit from your work and ideas.. the impact of great volunteers can be long-lasting - If you have a lot to offer, you can become a local legend! We have a chill environment, but also provide quality service to our guests. We are looking for social, outgoing, positive volunteers. A good understanding of English is a must, basic Spanish great (with plenty of opportunities to practice while you're here!). Any extra languages and skills are a bonus. Hope to see you soon! The Greengo's Team

Our team is made up of local Q’eqchi’ Maya, Guatemaltecos, international expats, and a few four-legged creatures. We see ourselves as one big family living and working together in our slice of paradise and you could be a part of that for a little while. [5 days a week 6 hours a day] Our guests stay with us to visit the beautiful Semuc Champey park and usually spend two or three nights with us. Having a great evening/day hanging out with people will often make them stay longer, so that's where you come in! Socialize, create the vibe, organize games, events and just make sure that every guest feels welcome and has a great time.


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Greengos is a beautiful place, but really far away from everything. If you decide to come here be aware is not much to do around. Travelers only stay max 2 nights so is not the best place to meet people from other places, but I was able to know the locals and learn a little bit of the culture. The employees work under a lot of pressure and stress, sometimes is not a really positive place to work.
The food is amazing! I have my 3 meals everyday. They should have rooms for volunteers. The power is from 6:30 am to 12 pm and from 4pm to 12am, wifi sucks, only works sometime which is terrible

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so Lovely place!!!!!

i can learn spanish and mayan language

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I worked at Greengos for nearly 6 weeks as the entertainment coordinator / bar staff , although there were some rearranges to staff while I was there, I found the owners to be fair and appreciative of hard work. I was able to gain experience in the bar which I had not previously had as well as practice Spanish via the spanish speaking staff. I found my hours to fair and flexible, basically my manager would ask me what my plan was for the day, I would analyze the amount of guests and what they wanted to do in regards to possible activities.

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I stayed at Greengos for 6 weeks. In the beginner we received our meals at appropriate times, The owner changed everything after 1 week to beans rice and bread for the meals and eating times, breakfast 10am, lunch 3pm and dinner 12am. I got to spend time with the loverly Che chi people at Green-gos. The Workers or 24 we are told to call them, are modern day slaves, you ring a bell and the workers run to your service 24 hours for less then 50Q a day while being treated poorly. I would never support a organization like Greengos, they only take and never give back to the community.

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Thank you for your Review.

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Great way to see the beautiful Semuc Champey for a good amount of time while saving some money and getting to know the people/area. A month flew by! I’ll be back 🙂

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