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We are a hostel in Lisbon, Portugal that is ranked as one of the highest ranked hostels in the world for atmosphere--atmosphere that YOU, as a Worldpacker, create! In return for your work entertaining our guests, planning events, and just keeping the hostel in order, each of our staff members receive free accommodation in our private staff room, free laundry, FREE breakfast, FREE dinner and FREE drinks at our bar.

We are like family. It’s not only about working, it's about connections. If you are ready for the time of your life and to make friends you'll keep in touch with for years then send us an application!


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I had the bad luck to come across a slightly unwanted experience. I didn't want to make it public so as not to harm the host. Sincerely from the moment I arrived at the hostel I did not feel welcome, the employees of the place made me "jokes or comments about my nationality", the host never told me or explained to me what I had to do he simply made me sign an agreement that I could not go until I met the date. So I didn't feel comfortable and tried to solve my departure as soon as possible. I don't recommend this place.

hace 2 meses

Carlos respondido

Thanks for your feedback.

It does surprise us receiving a feedback regarding the way you were received by the manager and staff. We did our best to accommodate you as a team, and we also to make sure you would have the necessary info to do your job. Sadly, you didn't show interest on working, maybe that's why left without honouring your word.

After all, we just hope you show more professionalism and commitment in your next adventure.



Foi uma experiência sensacional! Super recomendo! Tive experiências incríveis!

hace 5 meses



Gateway was my first worldpackers experience and it was amazing! Carlos, Caio, Ana & Arthur made me feel like family and were wonderful. The work was very easy and straightforward. The night shift however was more challenging - that being said I only had to do it once a week and I can’t complain as all the benefits of this job were very generous in my opinion. The roster is also organised nicely so you often get a few days of in a row - enough to go on a mini trip elsewhere in Portugal. I also love all the beautiful girls I volunteered with and am going to miss everyone at gateway so much.

hace 6 meses



Far from a sustainable project, this hostel is full of sexual innuendos. From disgusting room names like “golden shower” “blue balls” to drug-related posters on the walls. Nothing about the hostel even resembles sustainability, as not even the trash is properly separated. Hours are abused and for most of my stay they were severely understaffed. I had to leave early as I couldn’t bear to stay there any longer. Hygiene-wise, it’s as bad as it gets. While making beds, I was told by a cleaning staff that if there were no clean pillow cases left, I should just flip the dirty ones inside out.

hace 7 meses

Carlos respondido

Hello Maria, thank you for your feedback. It does surprise us the amount of things you mentioned considering you didn't spend time at all at the hostel. We are glad you left us in less than a week, at the Gateway teamwork and empathy are things we appreciate, and you could not offer any of it.

Volunteering doesn't really takes a lot of work, it's a two way road and must be good to both parts. We honoured our deal, but sadly took us a good couple of days to realise you didn't want to help at all, but just have fun with people and get free accommodation.

I know you are just a kid and hopefully you will learn how to be more responsible. Safe travels!



I really had the best experience at the Gateway! The staff is very friendly and welcoming and I met some lovely people. The work is not hard and the work hours are very reasonable. Usually you have to do 1 or 2 night shifts per week (12:00-8:00).
And if you like going out this is the perfect area!

hace 8 meses

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