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Every night we have travelers from all over the world staying in our hostel. You can hang out with them, play pool, play cards, play and listen to music, etc. It is a lot of fun and very interesting. You will make lots of new friends from all over China. If you are interested in Chinese, Chinese culture, or just meeting interesting people, it's a great place to volunteer! You will be able to see the real daily Chinese life and learn much about the work in a hostel.

We are int'l youth hostel for 8 years in Guilin & Yangshuo area, which is famous for the Karst landscape and Li-river scenery. Our hostel is word of the mouth for backpackers around this area. The working environment is relatively relaxed. Working 5 hours/day, 8 days' holidays per month. The working schedule will be adjusted according to the tourist season or you may exchange between Guilin & Xingping hostel. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:(1) What we need you to do are making tour for guests and play together. (bicycle trip, hiking, climbing mountain…etc) (2) Assisting the front desk staff in explaining our hostel’s facilities and services, (3) Helping with preparing food at the snack bar, (4) Helping baking the wood-fired pizza, (5) Providing help and responsible answers to questions, (6) We have an public benefit library for Xingping local kids, you may tell the story and teach the spoken English to the local kids, (7) Doing publicity work. If you have the facebook, twitter, youtube, whatsapp or other social networking website, post some fun pictures and impressions of our hostel. It is better if you speak Chinese so you can chat with the guests, but English is okay too if you are not Chinese. Many Chinese people are happy to practice their English with foreigners! We are looking forward to your stay with us!


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My honest and neutral review: Spent a week each in Guilin and Xinping. The host and team were accommodating, offering enjoyable activities. Time was a few minutes more, but downtime balanced it out. Humid air and mosquitoes were notable, though not the host's responsibility.

Result: I would recommend it. It’s worth it!

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My time volunteering at Leo’s Wood-Fired Pizza Restaurant was an absolute delight from start to finish.
I was welcomed as part of the family and immediately given meaningful tasks to contribute to the restaurant's operations.
My stay at Leo & Snow's home was truly exceptional. From the moment I arrived, I was warmly welcomed and made to feel right at home.
Breakfast meal prepared by Snow was a culinary delight, prepared with love.
Thank you, Leo, Snow, Chun Xiao, Xiao Ma and Momo for being such gracious hosts—I can't wait to volunteer again soon!

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I spent three weeks here, I went around the hostels that they have and loved it! Spent a week in Guilin and then in Xing Ping, Yangshuo. I am more of an outdoor person so Xing Ping was the best part of the trip. It was easy to communicate and get along with the staff, there are mountains everywhere so I was doing a hike a day, sometimes with tour groups and sometimes alone. Guilin hostel is busier than Xing Ping hostel, so they needed more help inside the hostel, basically helping out during breakfast, but in Xing Ping it was more taking people on tours. The staff is young and very very nice!

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