If you love animals, that's the best place for you to be. You're going to be in touch with all kinds of dogs every day and will be able to create true relationships with them. All volunteers that ever passed here fall in love with our amazing dogs 😊😊 eventually you'll be in touch with cats and also rescued animals.
We prefer that volunteer stay long time.

Be someone we can trust in and you'll surely have the best of Croatia in here! Work hard and responsibly, but also have a lot of fun with us and our friends!


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I cannot recommend this experience unfortunately.
Although the dogs and location were amazing, I did not expect to be the sole care-giver for the animals for 5 weeks out of my 7-week stay here.
Communication and respect are lacking on the behalf of Renata, and I hope that she will learn to be more appreciative for volunteers' time and hard efforts in the future.

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I arrived in March with a job lined up for mid-April, but was called to come earlier in the month. When I brought this up to Renata she kicked me out through text with no previous discussion and barely time to sort myself out. Basically, I informed her that I’d have to leave a few days early with three weeks in advance and in return she kicked me out with two day's notice while she planned to leave the other volunteer and I alone for three weeks for a trip to the Philippines. The place and work were wonderful but I felt disrespected and patronized by Renata's attitude and lack of flexibility.

hace 8 meses

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I don’t even have words for how amazing my time at Habitat was. During the month I spent there I felt so at home. The responsibilities aren’t too difficult and this is perfect for you if you’re an animal person! I loved getting to spend time with the dogs everyday! Renata is so sweet, kind, and generous! She makes you feel so welcomed and at home. The land is beautiful. Bilje is a small town so there isn’t a ton to do there, but it’s a great place to spend some time relaxing. I loved everything about my time at Habitat!

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This was my first volunteering experience and I don't have words to describe how awesome it was for me
Habitat has an incredible beautiful energy where you connect with animals and their care from the heart.
The place it's amazing and I can't thank Renata enough for all the love and dedication that she puts to working here❤
I met with others travellers that are going to stay in my heart forever and had the chance to improve my language skills
Everything works according to what was described in the profile and even better😊
Totally recommend it
I'm infinitely thankful for everything🇭🇷❤

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It was an amazing experience!

Renata is the best host ever!
Who has a person like her as a friend has everything!
I’ll take her in my heart forever!
I can say I made friends for life there as much as volunteers (big kiss to Chloe) as the locals I met and became part of my life S2

I could learn so much! Being in touch with nature and the dogs is great and I could also learn about the responsibility of dealing with pets even more!

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