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Excellent experience, best in Haifa. Love this place and the people. Tasks are simple and easy enough, the host and other volunteers are awesome. Location is perfect, dorm is spacious and comfortable; kitchens well equipped and rooftop is enjoyable. Felt very welcome and valued during my time at Haifa hostel, I definitely recommend.

Thank you for the opportunity, I look forward to next time 🤗

hace 5 meses

Omer respondido

Oh task are simple and easy, you saying we keep the bar low here ? you just wait till next time, hopefully we'll manage to challenge your superpowers.



Haia Hostel combines tranquility with a vibrant sense of fun. They have daily pancake breakfast and vegetarian meal option and Omer's hospitality adds to the welcoming atmosphere. I had the pleasure of going above on social media, appreciated that they already have a plan in advance, this make easy the work for a volunteer. The complimentary tours were a great asset for content creation, and I'm grateful to Guilia for her openness to my expertise. With some recommendations in mind, I'm excited to see how Haifa Hostel and the other hostels partners continues to evolve in a near future.

hace 8 meses



It was a very good experience, the staff welcomed me in the best way from the first moment, the schedules and everything agreed upon were always fulfilled. I highly recommend it.

hace 9 meses



Para mi ha sido una experiencia inolvidable, agradezco mucho la oportunidad, todo el tiempo me he sentido muy a gusto, todos han sido amistosos y cooperativos, muy cercanos, como hermanos, siempre estarán en mi corazón. Repetiría sin duda.

hace 10 meses



Haifa Hostel is a fun & chill place to volunteer and stay. The Hostel is formed with creativity and love for upcycling. You can discover more & more little details about the place, wich is also in constant change. As a volunteer you can also suggest & develop concepts to form the place to and give it a personal touch. The volunteers culture is more family like, you get a good and warm welcome. If you have the motivation to bring yourself a in with with a small touch in the history of the Haifa Hostel, I would recommend it to you.

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