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Hello travellers!

We’ve recently built a wonderfully energy efficient passive solar house, complete with off-grid solar for all our energy needs, rain water collection for all our water needs, and a worm farm waste management system for natural black and grey water processing. We’ve put a lot of work in to achieve a fossil-fuel-free, all-electric, household, with as small an environmental footprint as possible.

We’re also lucky to live in a beautiful rural/coastal area near Inverloch, Victoria, approximately 1 hour 45 minutes south-east of Melbourne. We are close to some of Victoria’s most famous wildlife and wilderness attractions, including the Penguin Parade at Phillip Island, the Koala Conservation Reserve, and hiking and camping at Wilson’s Promontory (not to mention numerous local beaches and fishing spots only 10 minutes away!).

With our house complete, we’re now working to progress the landscaping aspects of our project. We’d be very appreciative of a helping hand or two to help complete: a natural habitat pond, the installation of a watering system, garden beds, vegetable gardens, and a small orchard.

If all this sounds of interest, we’d love to hear from you! We’re ready for an immediate start, and can accommodate stays of anything from a week to a couple of months - let us know what works for you. We have a private onsite caravan for guests, complete with kitchen, shower and toilet, with optional additional use of a secondary private bathroom.

(To find out more about our house and our project in general, feel free to have a look at the following:

- A blurb we did for Sustainable House Day at [https://sustainablehouseday.com/listing/harmony-house/]. This is the shortest overview, and there’s a short video on that page as well (yellow button) showing some of our house features, including our robot lawn mower ‘Humphrey’.

- A case study on us at the YourHome site [https://www.yourhome.gov.au/case-studies/Inverloch-Victoria], which has a bit more information.

- And also our house website [https://harmonyhouse.com.au], which has the most information.)

(NOTE FOR 2023: If there's anyone with experience building fences, please apply, as that's one task I seem to be having trouble ticking off the list! :)

We are friendly and positive people, passionate about sustainable living, and love meeting interesting people. We believe with good communication that everyone's needs can be met, so look forward to discussing the best possible homestay experience for you.


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I had an amazing time at Harmony house! Richard and Kerryn made me feel right at home! They are a super busy but an energetic and fun family!! Lyra and Kaylee are the sweetest and oh so talented. I had fun playing games with Kaylee and cooking with Lyra. The work was ok but they counted all my cooking so it was a lot of fun! And I can’t forget about Charlie! The kitty cuddles, or should I say therapy, were so nice! Richard brought me to see kangaroos and they were happy to try to bring me into town when I wanted. All and all, it was a great experience:)

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Our experience at the Harmony House is one we will never forget! Richard, Kerryn, Lyra and Kayley were all very welcoming and friendly. We were able to connect well through movie nights, dinners and game nights! The work can be physically taxing (we spent most of our time weeding) but rewarding. Both Richard and Kerryn laid out tasks clearly. The camper-van was cozy (even on the cold nights) and had everything we needed. We had our own private bathroom that was attached to the house. We will miss everyone tons but Charlie, Elvis and Bear especially! Thank you :)

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I had really good time at the Harmony House. My work responsibilities were mostly gardening and small DIY projects. Whole family were very nice. I enjoyed having meals and playing board games together. Even though I was there only for two weeks I had chance to met some of their friends. I also enjoyed going with family for little trips to the beach. I slept in a camper trailer which was clean and modern. It was a bit cold at night though. I recommend staying in Harmony house where atmosphere is nice and host family is friendly.

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Kerryn & Richard are wonderful hosts, the girls Lyra & Kayley are lovely and such a credit to them too! I felt so welcomed and so comfortable throughout my stay. The work can be quite demanding and physical, but the down time with the family I really enjoyed. I feel like I got to see parts of Victoria I wouldn't have otherwise! I'll surely remember the experience, thank you all missing you already :(

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