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HDVC - Centre for Disabled and vulnerable children

The center is situated in Kicukiro District,Masaka Sector,in Gako Cell. HDVC is serving vulnerable and disabled children from the poor families from rural area of Kigali city and a part of Eastern province. The project is having a big impact to the lives of the children and together with their families as our goal is to include the family members in our activities towards their children.
Since the project has started (2009) we have been observing many and positive impacts through our sensitization and regular activities.
Specifically, the HDVC is directed to the problems of vulnerable children affected by mental disability, particularly Cerebral Palsy (BMI) and related disorders such as epilepsy, and their collateral consequences on the overall development of the child such as malnutrition.
Despite our efforts to the vulnerable children and poor families, an accusing finger is still on the quality of water they are using when they reach home. We offer them regular medicine for epilepsy but they use unsafe water.
Lack of access to clean water reduces community productivity, renders education efforts ineffective, and strains already inadequate health care resources.
There are five major problems we have been fighting since until now: malaria, Dehydration, pneumonia, diarrhea and epilepsy. We have seen that all diarrheal illnesses can be prevented with safe water, good sanitation and good hygiene, including hand washing with soap.
If children survive those first five problems growing up without safe water, it’s likely their future potential has still been damaged. Malnutrition is linked to chronic infection caused by dirty water and poor sanitation.
Long walks to fetch unsafe water often fall to women and children, and this has an impact on children’s schooling and no time to boil. Boys and girls who grow up in this kind of poverty are likely to remain trapped in that cycle — without the basics of water and sanitation, they’ll continue the drudgery of long dangerous walks for water, the ill health which keeps them from working as adults, and have children who will fall into the same pattern so our target as HDVC will never totally achieved because unsafe water is the source of suffering, ailments, diseases, Dehydration, disabilities or barriers to the enjoyment of basic human rights. If we hope to have a healthy future for our friends, families and community, finding ways to access clean water.

It is in this context above that we are calling all initiatives, personal or institutional, willing to continue support and advocacy for vulnerable beneficiaries of the HDVC requesting for your help to the HDVC ("Help for self-help to Disabled Vulnerable Children").

You are most welcome at our house. Food is provided and your own private room in exchange for $10 each day. Our housemaid does laundry for you. If you need any assistance one of our members will take care of it.


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Christine has a great organization. The community center in Kabuga supports vulnerable and disabled kids with their families. I created some content with my camera and could work at the HDVC. They have a big house where I had my own room and they cook daily delicious food. There are also other volunteers around and we spent a good time together.

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Christine respondido

Thank you very much for your time and help working with children in HDVC.

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