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We like to interact with people all over the world and find out, how life is going in other parts of the world. We can give an insight how life is going as a middleclass member in Switzerland. We live in a very lovley and big flat, from where you can see the alps and it is very near to the beautiful Lake Konstanz. We'd like to offer our spare place to interested people in exchange for some household tasks.

we are a couple in our fifties and have together 5 grown up kids, they all have their own livimg places. I (Doris) work as a nurse and Mario works as a buisinessanalyst. There is also a cat living with us and she really is our diva. I made myself an experience as a volunteer in Denmark in January this year. Now we are very curious about the experience as hosts.

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My volunteering experience at Mario and Doris's house was fantastic. Schedules were respected and I had plenty of time to explore the city of Arbon and had the opportunity to visit Austria and Liechtenstein. Mario helped me a lot by giving me tips on the places and Doris was always very helpful. The place is very charming and with a very beautiful lake. Thank you very much for this opportunity and hope to see you in the future. I wish you both all the best.

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My experience with Doris and Mario was great, they are really nice!
I felt really welcomed and comfortable in their home. The tasks were simple and communicated very clearly, you also have a lot of free time to explore.
Doris is an amazing chef and Mario helped me plan my trips. And of course I can’t forget P, she’s adorable!
I really enjoyed this experience and wish nothing but the best to Doris and Mario! Until next time guys!

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My stay with Doris and Mario was truly a unique experience. They welcomed me into their home with open arms and provided a safe space where I was able to engage with them as well as their local town. Doris and I cooked together often which was so much fun and Mario was super helpful with planning my day trips. The daily tasks were simple which left me plenty of time during the day to go for walks and explore Arbon. I wish them both nothing but the best as they are genuinely so kind and generous. I will be missing their cat P too!

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Thank you, Mario and Doris for being so kind during the entire stay! Since it was my first experience as Worldpacker, I was a little bit nervous, but as soon as I met them, I immediately felt comfortable! Doris gave me clear tasks and was always available when I needed assistance. Mario gave me a tour around the city, and the Arbon is a very beautiful place to stay, surrounded by mountains and with the lake nearby. My room was fully equipped with AC, hair dryer, computer, tv. We ate nice meals together) also the infrastructure is very good, so I was able to visit Bern, Zurich and Luzern!

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I had a great experience with Doris and Mario, they tought me everything about Swiss culture. I really felt at home with them, they make you feel confident from day one so the communication flowed very well. Tasks are simple and easy to arrange for the week, so you can have free time in the evenings. Meeting Doris and Mario was a pleasure, they are very warm and open minded people, you can talk about anything with them. I got to know some cities in Switzerland near Arbon and fell in love with the culture and its beautiful landscapes. Hope I'll come back someday and see this couple again.

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