Johnson's Homestay Ecohouseboat

Johnson's Homestay Ecohouseboat is a reputed guesthouse catering to domestand international guests, established over 23 years ago. It is listed in the Lonely Planet, highly reviewed on, Google and Hostelworld. We have 5 ensuite themed rooms.

Johnson Gilbert, the owner, ran a music shop for many a year before establishing his homestay business in Alleppey. There are only 2 staff at present and Johnson's vibrant 5 year old son, (The Kid) Aaryan. Volunteers will become a part of the family, as long as they fulfill their duties and have the character to blend in.


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An amazing host with proper food and stay. The host was flexible throughout the stay. He listens well and also provides proper tools to work with. Food was cooked in a healthy and good environment. He helped me to know much about locals and it was a great experience to work with.

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Thank you. It was so nice to host our first packer volunteer with you. If those who follow are like you, we are in for a creditable association with this organization.

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