KAMARANTHO Active organic farm

We are an active organic farm and we apply permaculture approach. Learning in the field how to apply this agriculture approach is a very good on site experience for those interested to develop skills. The daily activities are organized by the team of the farm.

We are three people running the farm year round, the two owners (couple) and an associate specialist. We host every year 1-2 volunteers that are interested to develop skills on agriculture with the technique of permaculture. Overall the relations are friendly and easy going


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My time at Kamarantho was truly an amazing experience and opportunity. I am beyond grateful to Stavros and Michalis for such a warm welcome and treating me as one of their own. The work was very fair (if not a bit easy) and the accommodations were great. I had to rent a scooter for transportation to get around the island. Paros is a stunning place with delicious food and beautiful beaches. Most of all, I am so thankful for all the people I met on the island and again to Stavros and Katarina for showing me such hospitality. I would recommend this experience to anyone!

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Stavros respondido

Thank you Bridgette, we wish you all the best for your future challenges...take care
Warm regards from Katerina & myself

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